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Metro: another 5 star review

Arwa Haider writes in the UK Metro paper today: “…still radiating sexy mystique, Kate Bush has suddenly hit a prolific purple patch…these are adventurous, multi-layered works you can really sink into…with instrumentation merging classical choruses, sweetly mournful piano and electronics, this album is an eccentric thing of beauty…” (This review also appeared this morning in their sister paper, the Dublin Metro Herald)


Teaser for Lake Tahoe animated film now at Kate’s site


“Improbable fusion of drama, magic and absurdity”: The Skinny

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  1. Harry Horton

    Some more November 21 2011 internet articles on Kate Bush as well as few earlier ones:

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    “Singer Kate Bush is in a winter mood” Minneapolis Star Tribune
    “Kate Bush releases snowy new video for upcoming album”

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