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New photos of Kate on her official site!

Just added to the 50 Words For Snow gallery at Kate’s site here. We’re really looking forward to seeing the upcoming visual pieces that these shots relate to.

Hands image

Kate 2011

Kate with 'Misty' puppets

Lake Tahoe visuals


Among Angels streaming now at Kate’s official site


Teaser for Lake Tahoe animated film now at Kate’s site


  1. Kyle


  2. Rod

    Oh fabulous. Love the stop motion set too.

  3. Samantha Niblett


    Who’s the boy looking down on the snowman and lover in bed?

  4. You never disappoint, Kate ; )

  5. She’s gorgeous as always. Can’t wait to see how all this animation and photography comes together.

  6. Kate has aged soooooooooooooo beautifully. She’s a rare beauty.

  7. Nanette

    I wonder if the boy is Bertie.

  8. Stephanie

    She looks so beautiful as always. I simply adore her hair.

  9. Kate, oh Kate…you have no idea of how beautiful you are (all manners)!
    You look amazing. You sound amazing.
    Please, if you are reading this, I let you know that even one, just one live gig would sell out in seconds.
    We never left.
    People all over the world would travel seas to catch a moment of you live, again.
    If not so, at least would you consider releasing a live EP? Tracks selected by you; each from a LP, maybe? 😉
    We are OK with it, yeah. Even a basement recording; a place surrounded with the comfort you need.
    You are one of our last treasures in pop music.
    Do this to us. We need your singing.
    We need your piano touch.
    Once again.
    Warm salut, antoni

  10. Melting like Misty while looking at these gorgeous photos! What a wonderful personality, incredible talent, mind of a genius and stunning beauty, all in one. My favourite inspiration – Kate.

  11. Stefan Bogers

    WOOOOOOWWW… God, how beautiful she looks….
    So… Helena Bonham Carter…. but then more beautiful….
    God, why weren’t THESE not on the artwork of the album…?
    I bet there’s a DVD or something coming up….

  12. John

    Wow. What wonderful bizarre photos. One of Kate’s true talents is to always to take us by surprise. Kate as the Puppet Mistress. I wonder if she’s trying to tell us something!!

    • Spock’s Beard had a song called ‘The Man Behind The Curtain’, in tribute to The Wizard Of Oz. I think KB is something similar in the puppetry picture, or she’s paying tribute to ‘The Lonely Goatherd’ in The Sound Of Music!

  13. stefano tiberi

    E’ sorprendente e sempre molto bella…… è sempre lei….. Babooska……..

  14. Adam Austin

    Kate looks so beautiful…. Im so looking forward to buying my copy of 50wfs tonight. Thanks Kate for this extra special Yueltide giftxxxx

  15. Kate, you make me so happy xx

  16. Alan

    Yes, is the boy Bertie? I’m assuming so.

  17. Stunning pictures…. love the hat and the hair. Does this mean each song will have its own animated film, shot in a different style, perhaps with Dame Kate making an appearance in each as well? That would be fabulous. 🙂 It’s lovely to see some pictures where Kate’s lovely face is not hidden, or swathed in (fake) fur. A shame these pictures and the ‘fur’ shots weren’t in the physical booklet with the album. (BTW, why no digital booklet on iTunes?). Such a gorgeous album… can’t wait to put it on over Christmas.

    ps I know kids grow up quickly, but I’d be surprised if that’s Bush Junior in the pix. I may be wrong, but I doubt that’s the same choirboy-aged person who sang ‘Snowflake’. I imagine it’s the guy who’s doing the animations for Kate.

  18. Chris


    He looks too old to be her son, isn’t he about 12 or 13? The boy in the picture looks older than that. I might be wrong, obviously.

  19. Neil

    Lake Tahoe i think will become her best ever recording and the use of shadow puppets to illustrate the song is perfect…telling the tale whilst leaving room for the imagination to work.What a refreshing change from the in -your-face soft porn thats taking over and dumbing down videos these days

  20. Pip

    If you look at the pictures of Bertie on the “Aerial” album, and in the video for “Deeper Understanding,” you can see that the man in the picture doesn’t look like Bertie. For one, the man in the picture looks quite a bit older than 13. Plus there is no resemblance to Kate. Based on the photos we all have seen of Bertie, he’s inherited Kate’s pouty lips.

  21. I’m curious now as to who the “boy” in the photograph is. Kate never does anything without good reason; so the fact that he is in this picture clearly represents a significance of some kind. Maybe someone will be able to confirm who he is.

  22. It would have been really nice to get some of these photos inside of the album booklet, or even any of the other promo pics, since the album doesn’t even include one photo of Kate. What a shame!

  23. Dan

    This woman is a jewel to behold. Love you Kate and I hope a tour could be in the works before we shed our mortal coil. Can you imagine what she could do with that prospect with the soundtracks she has? The women never stops running out of ideas!

  24. Nanette

    I wonder if the young man is the artist who worked on the Misty video? She mentioned his name somewhere (Thompson?) and said that he’d become famous. Maybe the photo is a way of acknowledging his work.

  25. God she looks great! Read she has an issue with her weight, blimey we all do as we hit middle age.Remember beauty and talent shine thru!!

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