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Big Boi raves about Kate’s new album

Rolling Stone reports that rapper Big Boi seriously likes Kate’s new album: “The album, to me, is just very somber and very chill,” he says. “Knowing her music and being a fan, it’s very, very deep Kate Bush for me. It’s concentrated. It’s raw emotion. It’s almost like a scene from her diary – she seems to be in love like a motherfucker. Really, really, really in love.” RS reports that Big Boi’s favorite song on the album is Snowed in at Wheeler Street: “It’s like a story between her and the guy, how they were in love from the beginning of time, how they never want to let each other go,” he says.”It just really builds. I think it’s really deep. I dig it…



Kate makes the News!


“Sparse, beautiful and ultimately pure”: Consequence of Sound


  1. Neil

    Fair play Big Boi.In love like a mother fucker…now theres a ttle for the next album! Love it when the most unexpected people turn out to be fans.

  2. Jeff

    I notice the Rolling Stone article generously offers a Click to Listen to Kate’s new album link at the top of the column page – Hey Ya, nice touch !
    Looks like Kate will be gaining new fans with these heart-felt endorsements.

  3. Mark

    I wonder if he’s still hoping for a collaboration?

  4. Mark

    Yes he is. Just read the full article.

  5. Elizabeth

    Years back, in an interview, I heard Tupac list Kate as one of the top two influences in his music. After that, it doesn’t surprise me now who might be a Kate fan! It’s really nice to know though that others “get it”.

  6. Neil

    Is the collaboration to be called……Motherfucker stands for comfort!

  7. Elizabeth

    Good one Neil!

  8. Neil

    Cheers Liz.Glad someone got it.

  9. Nanette

    Fans organize themselves into tribes; musicians rarely do. I’ve never heard a good musician write off a whole genre, the way fans do. A fan will say, “I hate country music. Why do you want to listen to that sh-t?” An r and b singer, however, might listen to Johnny Cash because the r and b singer recognizes that they share something–emotion, simplicity, or whatever. People miss some of the subtleties of “Speakerbox” because they think of it as a dance record, but “Hey-yeah” is actually really sad. “Why-o, why-o, why-o, are we so in denial when we know we’re not happy here?” Kate’s lyrics with her penchant for sampling and experimentation, and I totally get why Big Boi would be a fan.

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