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“Exquisite suite of piano-driven chamber pop”: Scotland on Sunday

Four stars from Colin Somerville in Scotland on Sunday:

“TWENTY-ONE years ago Kate assured us that December would be magic again, and with her tenth album she delivers on that promise. It is an exquisite suite of piano-driven chamber pop, eclectic and strangely comforting, a seasonal record that celebrates the chilly cheer. Kate’s voice still thrills, and she has chosen a couple of very plummy side orders to complement it. … There are just seven tracks spanning 65 minutes, with only the single Wild Man emerging from a sonic blizzard to resemble a conventional pop tune. … This is a timely reminder of a highly individual and very British talent.”


“An elegy for the human condition”: Boston Globe


“Incredibly dull”: Daily Texan


  1. Actually December Will Be Magic Again came out in 1980! I didn’t miss a 1991 reissue, did I?

  2. Charlie

    It was 31 years ago!

  3. Keith

    Wasn’t it re-released as the b-side of “The Red Shoes” or one of the other TRS releases? Maybe that re-release was this reviewers first introduction to it.

  4. Neil

    Keith you are thinking of ‘Home for Christmas’ which was b-side of Rubberband girl and to my mind a much better xmas song than December….I think it was a single in it’s own right in Canada though.

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