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Radio interviews update!

Listen again below to the Radio 4 interview Kate did with John Wilson on BBC Radio 4’s Front Row programme. Do not miss if you’re wondering what Kate thinks of the state of the music industry or how a rogue wasp influenced the lyrics of Cloudbusting!

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Q podcastKate’s interview today on Canadian Radio with Jian Ghomeshi at 3pm GMT profiled her full career as well as 50 Words For Snow (listen again here OR click here for a free iTunes podcast download of the chat).

Also, an interview Kate did with WDR2 German Radio yesterday evening can be heard again below (thanks Louise and Tom).

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“Incredibly dull”: Daily Texan


The Daily album review: “Gloriously goofy”


  1. Neil

    This just uses clips from Jamie Cullen’s interview

  2. The ‘Front Row’ interview was trailed on the leading Radio 4 current affairs programme, ‘Today’ at the peak slot: 8.20am
    After the obligatory reference to her as ‘a reclusive figure’, and John Wilson’s comment that ‘these are not the sort of songs you’ll hear on X-Factor’, the clips of the interview featured her views of the state of the music industry ‘it’s in such poor shape…we fear the death of the album as an art form…the industry is collapsing’ It also featured her delight in how her music is received, ‘I feel very proud of this album’. She then explained that she feels at the start of ‘a new phase’ of ‘my music from now on’. John Wilson asked about the next album: ‘It’s there? It’s in your head already?’ a little pause and then ‘oh, yesss!’ Hear that lovely sound for yourself:
    John Humphries, the legendary ‘rottweiler’ of ‘Today’ sighed at the end of the feature and commented ‘Lovely’ – I nearly crashed my car!
    Oh, and Kate said she was planning on releasing ‘one [album] a week’!
    Yes, you laughed when she told Tom Doyle that she’d release two albums in a year back in 2005. Never underestimate the Bush….well, perhaps she might have been exaggerating this time.

  3. Mark

    The John Wilson interview is not available. I hope someone recorded it for YouTube upload.

  4. Mark

    Thank you very much!

  5. Stefan Bogers

    “… no John, he’s REAL ! …” Hahaha… what a GREAT interview !

  6. linton heathcliff

    One of the best interviews I’ve ever heard with Kate- she sounds so proud, and yet so light, with a fantastic rapport with John Wilson. Joy to listen to.

    Also, just want to say this site is so brilliant – I may be in Australia, but I love being up to date with what’s happening in all her news and world press reviews, so thank you! 50 Words may be the soundtrack for winter, but I can tell you that it sounds just as atmospheric and amazing on a warm summer’s evening…

  7. J.

    The audience response to the Nov. 22/11 Kate Bush interview with Canada’s Jian G. of Q radio program was nation-wide and Massive !
    The emails read aloud on-air in response on the 23rd were so warm and heart-felt.

    ( thanks for the 39 minute pop-up link provided, also )

  8. Mikko

    Re: the bag of bonemeal on the piano working well as a musical good luck charm:

    “… I could move up to a really big bag of horse manure.”

    I laughed as hard at that as at the Director’s Cut version of Rubberband Girl.

  9. J.

    Update :
    yesterday, Kate’s “50WfS” album was No.8 on the Top 20 albums of the year end poll on Q radio show (Canada’s most listened to morning program) – they made lovely comments on the experimental work and aired Wild Man to illustrate this 🙂

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