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“Remarkable, only slightly flawed record”: Soundspike

Tjames Madison at Soundspike is a lover of Kate’s voice:

Bush remains a singular talent draped in the furs of surreality … It feels like she’s talking about herself by not talking about herself, and why not? The spiky peaks and higher peaks of her youthful chops have been replaced with a sort of smoky mid-range purr, all the better — devoid of much of that voice’s avant garde divisiveness — to examine her role in our modern world as mentor to a bumper crop of spiritual progeny … The instrumentation — Bush accompanying herself with stark, lovely, slightly jazzy piano; the occasional muffled guitar or brushed cymbal or sublimated string section drops in — is gorgeous, and the first half of the wintry song-cycle arrives exactly like its subject, a light, enchanted icefall in near-silence, everyday magic unfolding before your eyes. The tunes wander long and walk softly in this world … But all is not perfect. Elton John’s sudden appearance on “Snowed in on Wheeler Street” feels like an unwelcome intrusion … Fortunately the demure “Among Angels” ends the set back where we started, lost in that haunted, white-dusted graveyard, Bush alone once again with her voice and her piano…”


“Powerful stuff”: Stereogum


Kate interview in today’s “Dagens Nyheter” Swedish newspaper

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  1. This review resonates with me more than any of the others.

    I’ve got every album Sir Reg did from the beginning, up to 1980 (that’s two LPs a year). I love them all. Beyond that – either he or the Zeitgeist as it inspired him – no longer had anything to offer to me personally.

    Pumping out masterpieces the way she has, Kate certainly has every right to work with whomever she likes. All I can say is, the choice to put Snowed in alone on Side 3 was a brilliant, if not prescient one.

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