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“The vanishing world illuminated by a furnace-blast of life”: LA Times

3.5/4 from Margaret Wappler at the LA Times:

“From up on that hill, perhaps wearing a capelet over a flowy Victorian gown, Kate Bush has been regarded as a spirit saint of fearless individuality by a generation of musicians … All that adoration in the ether must’ve stirred the reclusive British singer-songwriter to create not just one album this year  … but also a second one, “50 Words for Snow,” an art-song cycle that veers from delicate to blustery but always with a sheen of elegance. Bush grounds her songs in the permafrost of winter, with her piano work sounding like the first stirrings after a cold snap … It might be cold in Bush’s world, but it’s far from frozen. It’s the vanishing world illuminated by a furnace-blast of life.”


“Dense daft delightful”: Digital Spy


“An elegy for the human condition”: Boston Globe

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  1. Harry Horton

    Additional Kate Bush internet news articles:
    (1) “Kate Bush explores nature on 50 words for snow” Time Magazine
    (2) “Kate Bush’s new ’50 words for snow’ hailed but she fears its demise” – Cleveland Plain dealer.
    (3) “Kate Bush record hailed, but she fears death of album” reuters via Yahoo! News
    (4) Kate Bush: Music Industry is collapsing – BBC News – Nov. 22. An audio segment of Kate Bush discussing he bad shape the music industry is in at present.
    Also in the above articles some attention to her working on a further album after 50 words of snow is glanced upon.
    (5) “Kate Bush: 50 words for snow album review” Digital Spy.

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