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Allmusic 4-star review: “…it’s all but impossible to find peers”

Thom Jurek at Allmusic gives 50 Words For Snow a 4-star review:

“Despite the length of the songs, and perhaps because of them, it is easily the most spacious, sparsely recorded offering in her catalog. Its most prominent sounds are Bush’s voice, her acoustic piano, and Steve Gadd’s gorgeous drumming — though other instruments appear (as do some minimal classical orchestrations). With songs centered on winter, 50 Words For Snow engages the natural world and myth — both Eastern and Western — and fantasy. It is abstract, without being the least bit difficult to embrace….such a strange pop record, it’s all but impossible to find peers. While it shares sheer ambition with Scott Walkers’s The Drift and PJ Harvey’s Let England Shake, it sounds like neither; Bush’s album is equally startling because its will toward the mysterious and elliptical is balanced by its beguiling accessibility.”


50 Words no.5 in UK mid-week chart


“A masterpiece. Its THE album that defines THE artist”: The Silver Tongue

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  1. Gary Allen

    In The Moonlight

    My arms have been empty for so long
    Before I met you I had to be strong

    Your touch heightens all of my senses
    Breaking through all of my defenses

    Guess I added some fuel to the fire
    Only heating up our mutual desire

    In the moonlight on a windswept beach
    Even the stars seem within our reach

    With the waves lapping at our feet
    Can’t resist pulling you close to me

    The salt air softly kisses our faces
    The dark is full of warm embraces

    Everything so beautiful and picturesque
    On this magical night we both feel blessed

    A small fire crackles by the shore
    Sheds light on all I overlooked before

    Hear the restless sea calling our names
    Without you this night would not be the same

    As the full moon begins to descend
    Neither of us want this night to end

    Gary E Allen 2011 ©

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