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Phew What a Scorcher! Kate scores in tabloids!

Pete Clark London Evening Standard 4 stars: “the central metaphor holds good: these songs may seem alike, but like snowflakes, they are all different. You are going to have to give this record a bit of time…” Adrian Thrills Daily Mail 4 stars: “A sprawling song cycle with a wintry theme … pitches Kate’s still striking vocals into a richer, less synthetic setting than in the past. Initially, the onus is on her fluent piano work … Pride of place goes to two ear- catching duets … an album — and a singer — who refuses to be hemmed in by traditional frontiers.” Gavin Martin The Daily Mirror 4 stars: “A rare treat… fanciful but stripped down album is a bizarre indulgence. Piano primed sensuality for the new ice age“. The Sun – scores 4 “Icing on the Katean absorbing concept album … inventive as it is odd. Stunning as it is surreal“.


“The mystical legend of Kate Bush is alive and well”: Heavy Music


“Keep Kate Bush weird”: CapitalNewYork


  1. Neil

    Can’t beleive that so many people have taken their time to appreciate what at first can be a challenging listen to let this get under their skin…there is hope for music and individuality perhaps.Try playing this in the car travelling to and from work on dark wintry mornings and nights and the affect is amazing!

  2. The Sun likes a conceptual song-suite about snow? The Daily Mail likes an album that features a woman’s one-night stand with a snowman?
    Blimey! Has Kate changed the world overnight?

    I take it the Daily Express didn’t notice the album as it didn’t have a picture of Princess Diana on the cover?

  3. They used the word ‘surreal’ in The Sun? Now I know we’ve all fallen through into Narnia. Hopefully it’s real and Kate all get loads of new fans…

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