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Swedish TV review of the album

From SVT in Sweden (with thanks to Henrik). We hope this is a good review, but unfortunately our Swedish isn’t up to much! 🙂

Update: Swedish fans tell us that the reviewers in the clip say the album is Kate’s strongest and best yet and they love it. They also say that Kate is like the “ever changing snow”. Thanks guys.


“Keep Kate Bush weird”: CapitalNewYork


50 Words no.5 in UK mid-week chart


  1. another swede

    Oh, he says that its the strongest she has ever done, the best maybe.He also talks alot about Kate´s relation to James Joyse (correct spelling?)

  2. Mikael Sjödin

    It doesn´t say that at all, at least not exacly like that. He says in the end that this album turns out to be some of the strongest work she has done so far.

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