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“A spare, gorgeous album”: 77 Square

3/4 from Rob Thomas at 77 Square:

Largely minimizing the lush orchestrations she’s known for, Bush has delivered a spare, gorgeous album … Could any other songwriter get away with this other than Bush? Somehow, she takes potentially pretentious, even preposterous premises and makes them deeply felt through the elegant arrangements, evocative lyrics and, above all, the quavering conviction of that powerful voice. The result is the perfect soundtrack for a winter’s night, not so much as a brace against the cold, but an embrace.”


A Short History of Big Boi’s Kate Obsession


“A great experience, but it all feels somewhat flat”: Muzik Discovery

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  1. Neil

    I love her humming the bvs in some of her new stuff.First heard it on Directors cut version of Moments of pleasure,then on Lake Tahoe about half way through and also on Wilman 7min version.mmmmmmmmmm

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