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The forecast: Watch out for a blizzard of eiderfalls

Warren Clements in the Toronto Globe and Mail considers Kate’s wordplay on her new album:

How people describe snow – printable, unprintable – depends on how they view its arrival. They may turn for inspiration to singer-composer Kate Bush’s latest CD,50 Words for Snow, in which she offers 50 words for snow (including “snow”), apparently alluding to the ever-shifting assertion that the Inuit have 50 words for snow, or 100, or 140. But she devises her own words, which, as she told Jian Ghomeshi this week on CBC Radio’s Q, she asked actor Stephen Fry to recite in his mellifluous voice so they might carry an air of authority ….”


“Pretty songs can’t make up for long-winded weirdness”: Newsday


“It nails the theme”: Retro/Active

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  1. Harry Horton

    Tuesday November 29 2011, and additional Kate Bush news from the internet:

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    “Big Boi Praises Kate Bush, talks recording details” Paste Magazine
    “Kate Bush record hailed” – stuff
    “Video: Kate Bush Mistraldesair” COnsequence of Sound – Alex Young
    ‘The Word on…50 words for snow, Kate Bush” The Independent
    “Disc ‘new phase for Brit’ Columbus Dispatch
    “Video: Kate Bush – WIld Man”- Consequence of Sound
    “Rise and Grind: MOrning Music New: Katy Perry scores sixth top 10….”

    I still think December will be magic again the 1979 xmas version ought to be something of Christmas national anthem of sorts in Britain and here in America for that matter. Just a superlative piece of music it is. I wish they would play it around 11:30 p.m. on T.V. here in North Carolina for Christams Eve. Maybe even on some earlier dates a couple of times in the first two weeks of December. Nevertheless it is a great seasonal musical piece.

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