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“A haunting beauty which sends chills down the spine”: The Manc Review

Donna Gorey at the Manc Review:

an album, whose narrative singing and enchanting concept, creates post-modernistic storytelling, reaffirming Kate as an original and experimental artist … a classic album, which nurtures the perpetual willo-the wisp spirit of Kate. Although it takes a few listens to completely appreciate the album, it thinks outside the box, containing a haunting beauty which sends chills down the spine. Its picturesque music, whose orchestral and stripped down acoustics, glide effortlessly across an intense, emotional backdrop. Like snow, on a hillside, “50 Words For Snow”, melts subtly revealing a lush core at its own organic pace.”


Kate responsible for death of Record Industry?


“A brilliant and warm ode to the season upon us”: The Alternative Review


  1. Neil

    Yes this gives me chills and they’re multiplying!

  2. Donna Gorey

    I really do love this album, the perfect hibernation album, regards Donna x

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