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Three more radio interviews with Kate!

Jamie Cullum

Three new interviews to listen out for: This evening Kate’s interview with Jamie Cullum was finally played on BBC Radio 2. This was a different interview segment from the one with Jamie that was broadcast on Dutch Radio last month (52 minutes long – listen here). This evening’s interview is a 20 minute segment. From the BBC website: “Jamie conducts a rare interview with Kate Bush, as the British singer-songwriter, musician and record producer talks about the jazz she loves. Kate also tells the story behind Misty, a track on her new album 50 Words For Snow. The two musicians discuss the complex time signatures within Misty and compare them to Take Five by Dave Brubeck, before chatting about their different approaches to composition, and their mutual love of Billie Holliday and Steely Dan.” Listen again to the new interview segment here. (outside the UK? listen here.)

On this coming Thursday 8th December, Kate does an American radio interview with Larry Flick on Sirius XM OutQ Radio, 12pm-4pm UK/Ireland Time (7am Eastern Time USA/GMT-5 hours.) You can listen live here (note that this radio station requires a free signup for 7 day trial, which just needs an email address).

Mark RadcliffeDJ Mark Radcliffe in the UK announced today that he is going to see Kate tomorrow and the resulting interview will be broadcast part 1 on Monday 12th December and part 2 on Tuesday 13th December on BBC Radio 6Music (the show is 1pm to 4pm, the interviews are usually on at 2.30pm). See programme listings at the BBC Radio 6Music site here and here. (big thanks to Louise for heads up on these interviews)


Two new European interviews – but only one with Kate…


The Guardian wants Kate album reviews


  1. Kate singing Gershwin, Billy Holiday, Dave Brubeck and Steely Dan – has Christmas come early or have I died and gone to heaven?
    Still holding out on 50wfs BTW – though there’s a suspicious shaped package under the Christmas tree…

  2. Nanette

    Not available in my area?! Whaaah!!!!

    • Bert

      The full programme including the interview is available on the same page! It starts at around 20 minutes in the programme.

  3. Nanette

    Thanks, Bert! I didn’t notice. The Jamie Cullum interviews are excellent. Cullum speaks Kate’s language, and it’s great to hear a real conversation rather stock question/stock response.

  4. Mikael Sjödin

    The Jamie Cullum interviews are great! I was very surprised to hear the BBC2 interview. The songs sound much better than on the CD! Is is the CD he is playing from, or some other mix?
    I am surprised no one has mentioned anything about the sound production of the album, since the sound appears very unconventional, at least to me. Very bassy, dull, very little treble. Sounds often as if Kate has a thick cushion between her mouth and the microphone…

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