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New interview with Kate on KEXP radio today!

UPDATE: Listen to the whole interview here:


DJ El Toro has interviewed Kate about 50 Words For Snow on the brilliant US radio station KEXP (can you tell it’s one of my favourites?) The interview will be aired today, Friday February 24th on The Afternoon Show on 2pm to 6pm PT USA time / 10pm to 2am UK Time and also on February 29th on DJ El Toro’s show on 9pm to 9.30pm PT USA time / 5am to 5.30am UK Time (early on 1st March) It will be also be available online at the KEXP Blog. Read more at their Facebook page here. (with thanks to Louise)


Old music: Kate Bush – Wow


Kate congratulates Adele on her Brit Award win


  1. Nanette

    Good questions…but I get the sense here that interviewing her is a bit like pulling teeth.

  2. edov

    pfff, that was a tough one… all those questions, and all those “I don’t know really” and “I suppose so’s”… She must been totally bored with being interviewed, and DJ El Toro is just so overthrilled and really really wants to… tiresome to read as well as to listen to.
    Music is much more enjoyable then analysing it 🙂

  3. Paul

    although there are awkward moments here, I actually really enjoyed this

    his questions are more intuitive and outside the box than most interviews and he is clearly a massive fan.
    kate is sweet as, but clearly bored with promoting the cd by now

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