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Kate, Adele, and PJ Harvey up for 2012 South Bank Sky Arts Award

Daily Telegraph 2nd April: 

Three female singers will go head-to-head in the pop music category for the sixteenth South Bank Sky Arts Awards.

The 2012 list is female-only, with PJ Harvey’s Let England Shake and Kate Bush’s 50 Words For Snow going up against Adele’s best-selling 21 …”


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  1. Melvin Bragg, Kate Bush, PJ Harvey and Adele?
    Is this a contest for ‘most iconic hairstyle’?

    Well done Kate, but ‘Sky Arts’? Isn’t that a contradiction in terms?

  2. Keith DeWeese

    Not sure what these awards are all about, but does Kate have a chance of winning or will this be a repeat of the BRITS?

  3. Von

    Adele and Kate Bush should not be uttered in the same sentence.

  4. give me a break….Kate deserves it…pj is a good runner but adele is flash in the pan who now has vocal problems but watch.Adele will win coz the world doesnt know who the other two are.

  5. Rod

    I think it’s a fantastic line-up; and it’s an incredible feat that Kate Bush is still up-there with the newest and the best of them, when so many people who have been in the business for as many, or even fewer years, apear only on nostalgia tours. I hope she wins.

  6. 4ctmam

    Both Kate and Polly Jean are outstanding, original and amazing artists and both released very inetersting and unusual albums last year. Both have a vast catalogue to their credit too. If either of them wins, I’ll be pleased.

    Adelle is an overrated pop singer. So there.

  7. neil

    UK produces some very talented women.I remember the seventies when women hardly got a look in.Now it’s great to see strong women and strong individuals .Celebrate all 3 say….no need for prizes

  8. Harry Horton

    I like Adele and Kate Bush, both are fairly well developed highly creative artists. I don’t know whether its apropos to spin them off head to head in anything, but anyway, one other interesting internet article from the San Jose? Mercury 04/03/2012: Entertainment section: the article: “Hicks: Paul McCartney’s son wants to form band with other Beatles’ kids>” THe article most importantly has a David LEtterman video clip with Paul McCartney’s son playing a song with other fellow band members on the late night show. And you know what: he is very very good. THe song has rhythm and flow to it with a lively beat that is both catchy and a genuine artistic feel> I think he has outdone Dad on this one. Its a video worth listening to.

  9. Harry Horton

    Any news of when the next Kate Bush album is coming out. THe news accounts for kate Bush have been dry over the past two months. 50 words for snow has a very unusual temperment and subject matter to it that gives it a unique quality—-setting it apart from other works of hers, particularly the 1978-93 period. And its very good and the unique quality is something that makes the album stand on its own feet for its near exotic merits, as original as it is, distinct from her earlier work as well as distinct from any other artists for that matter; it is not your typical listen, that makes it fascinating in the rock and roll world.

  10. Nanette

    I see no need to bash one singer to praise the other. Adele does what she does very well. Sometimes I’m in the mood for something frothy and light, and sometimes I’m in the mood for something more substantial–something that will “stick to my ribs”. (Pardon the food metaphor–I just ate.) I don’t think Kate will win, even though the nomination itself is recognition of her excellence. She’s the Meryl Streep of British music, I guess.

  11. Harry Horton

    I’m curious why a followup comment on more articles on James McCartney never got posted. Was the reason this web site tries to keep the focus on Kate Bush? That is with the comments being presented. In anycase, James McCartney sold out the Liverpool venue recently where the Beatles basically started and I read he has attempted to start a band with former Beatles offspring. With that said, I wonder also whether this web site has any information on whether kate Bush has started on a future album. I am looking forward to the next one, the last one had a deceptively excellent quality of originality to it.

    • Hello Harry,

      We do like to keep the focus on Kate on this site, and the material about James McC is wandering off topic.

      But thanks for your interest.

  12. There’s only one way to find out….FIGHT!

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