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Reminder: Record Store Day tomorrow, Saturday 21st April

Lake Tahoe / Among Angels 10"

Don’t forget folks tomorrow (Sat 21st April) is Record Store Day and Kate’s very limited 10″ Pic Disc of Lake Tahoe / Among Angels will be available for sale…there are 1000 for the UK and 1000 for the rest of the world (not USA sadly) as we have said before the shops themselves won’t know what they are getting until the day itself even if they ordered 20 copies they may only get 1 or none, so please bare this in mind. We suggest that you get to your local store as early as possible and maybe have a back up shop in mind. Good luck to everyone and lets hope all 2000 end up in the hands of actual fans rather than people who just want to resell for a profit. Happy hunting. Dave, Krys, Seán and Peter.

PS. Dave will be up and about early in central London tomorrow morning if any of you guys are in Soho etc.


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  1. Kiki

    Want, want, want.

    (But I know that this will never be mine.)

  2. Greg

    Just picked up my picture disc. God bless Heartbeat City in Tullamore.

  3. Richard

    Success at the Music Shop in Amersham – the most beautiful record ever. Now, where to hang it…

  4. John

    Any chance of seeing the artwork done as a wallpaper?

    The picture disc is lovely; considerably more imaginatively designed than the Hounds of Love EP. It would be nice to see the imagery in something a little more hi-res.

  5. Darren A Young

    Just queued for two hours at two different shops in Newcastle I was three from the front when I saw the last copy sold in windows , had a friend queueing at reflex record shop was too late there aswell went to one more shop that did not receive any copies at all. What a morning, was in town for 8am no luck only wanted one 10′ single , oh well on to eBay where non fans will be selling it for stupid prices NOT A HAPPY BUNNY !!!

    • Darren A Young

      Just looked on eBay 55 copies for sale starting from £38 THEY SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES !!!

      • Alberto Di Costanzo

        As DEL PALMER suggested on facebook, it is not people sellling these items on ebay to be blamed but people who buy them really! If people they do buy it to those silly prices then it is their fault…. exactly my point of view and it makes perfect sense, doesn’t it Darren???

        • Misty

          The people’s only fault is they want it, not that they buy it. Maybe we should ignore the release at all? Buying on ebay is not a sin, it’s the only way for many faithful fans. Let’s not blame them! Easy to say for some. What choice do they have?

          • Kent

            Indeed–need we lay blame? It’s what makes record collecting different from bubble-gum card collecting. No offense to bubble-gum card collectors.

            One store in town got 2 copies; I didn’t get there early enough to get one. Hemmed and hawed and finally gave in and ordered a ‘Buy it Now’ from eBay.

            I do want it, and I’m willing and able to pay for someone else beating me to the punch and maybe making a bit of money at it. Which I might have anyway had I lived somewhere it just wasn’t available.

            Complaining about eBay or its customers is like complaining about convenience stores or theirs. If you don’t like them, don’t use them.

  6. John

    Actually thinking this through is making me chuckle. Record Store Day is a gimmick to promote struggling record shops, right?

    So they come up with the idea of getting people into the shops by promoting an item they probably won’t be able to sell them?

    And then they wonder why they are struggling.

  7. Tel

    See scores of copies already on ebay for up to £79 – clearly sellers who have stocked and shopped rarities for Record Store Day to make money – kind of spoils the spirit of it really.

  8. Alan

    Loads of copies now on eBay for extortionate prices. Record Store Day should be better thought out. Allow people to pre-order (but limit to one copy each) then collect from your participating store on the day (or another day if, like me, you’re not at home). I can’t see the harm in that and would ensure genuine fans get a look in. I’m in Jersey this weekend and no participating shops here so I had no chance.

  9. Nice to see that so many copies are ending up on eBay <—- That's me being sarcastic of course.

    I really hope nobody bothers with buying one from eBay. All you're doing is giving these greedy sellers permission to rip you off. It's not worth it

    • Alberto Di Costanzo

      I do not understand why having this bad attitude about ebay? Many people use ebay and obviously there are dealers sellling the item at those high peices, but then again the people who buy them at those price decide whether it is convenient for them or not and this is the only reason why dealer sell those items at very high prices… again dealers ahould not be the one to blame really!

  10. Keith DeWeese

    Well, to all of you on your high horse about having to stand in line, or not getting what you want, or dis-ing eBay, at least your in countries where you have a chance to get the vinyl! Once, again, here in the States, we aren’t entitled to them. Stop your whining.

    • Alberto Di Costanzo

      Exactly my thought!!! I wake up at 4.30 in the morning AND queing up from 6.15 AM (travelling for over 20 miles), the doors opened at 9.00 And there were 3 people before me, BUT I got it…. and if someone did not get it it is either bad luck, bad choice of store or simply silly laziness, so yes, stop complaining then!!!

      • John

        Absolutely. If people are willing to pay £40-£50 for a picture disc then it’s their fault.

        But on the same note it’s time the Record Stores stopped complaining too. I’m the customer and they can’t give me what I want and am willing to pay for then screw them!!

        If this is the best they can do to get people off the street and into their festering little irrelevant shops then they deserve to go broke.

        For £10 I can buy two albums off the Internet and not even leave my chair. If we’re playing the ‘business practice’ card then it’s up to the Record Store to compete with that, and if they can’t, why should I give a shit?

      • Alberto, you have such a pretentious attitude about everything – whether you’re commenting here or elsewhere. To call people lazy is extremely rude and classless on your part. You need to grow up! I know of several people out there that tried a hell of a lot harder to get one than you did, so calling those people lazy is childish. Furthermore, had you not gotten one, you would have had your mouth flapping the other way. You really need to stop with the superior than thou attitude… it becomes extremely tiring to listen to.

        • Alberto Di Costanzo

          You have already shown you have an even worst attitude toward thinks and I am already tired to listen to you to. I can say what I say because it is true and if you have a problem with that that you should just deal with that and flapping the mouth the other way yourself, thank you!

          I said in my comment it was either bad luck or laziness but I was not refering to you in particular. …. I think you have taken this a little bit far, I even do not know you and it seems you have no real name, are you a real person rinfy the gipsy using a nick name and then making this silly comment. Please grow up at once!! 🙂

  11. Thomas Johnson

    I got one! But it was close… Thanks to my girlfriend who helped me in Stockholm, Sweden!

  12. sandra

    Went to two different shops here in Vancouver. The first one said that they did not receive the Kate. The second said it was the first thing they sold (and not to me). Alas! I noticed that there were no other picture disks–at least not that I could see– so the Kate would have really looked like a gem.

  13. Matthew Riley

    Well, I tried! 🙁 I waited for 4 and a half hours in the rain outside Piccadilly Records in manchester only to be told that they’d sold out ages ago…The 56 (And growing) parasites who are selling the disc on ebay aren’t true fans, I just hope that people don’t pay the extortionate prices they are charging on there for them. The real fans haven’t got a chance of getting their hands on a copy if this kind of speculative buying continues. Ironically, the fun of buying a physical copy on record store day, will be replaced by buying it on the internet for some…and that is a backwards step to me. I find downloading music takes away the special-ness of going in store to buy a track or an album you are excited about. There was an opportunity there to do some good for the music retail business, and those robbing non-fans have wasted it. I for one will not make the effort next year unless there are changes, and will not be buying the picture disc off ebay. I wouldn’t give them the satisfaction, and I hope i’m not alone.

    • Darren A Young

      Yes no way would I buy from these people on eBay even if it means that this will be the first release by Kate I do not have .

  14. Alberto Di Costanzo

    I queued up outside one of the most awesome record stores “Love Music” and I picked up the copy of the Kate Bush picture disc from them, as I was there since very early in the morning, ……it is really a beautiful artwork, glad I was there sooo early, I am a happy man! 🙂

  15. Emil

    This is what spoils record store day, didn’t get a copy yesterday and now find myself choosing from the 20+ available to bidders on eBay! Some people are able to make a very quick buck on the back of this and i would rather have paid the £35 / £45 pound to Kate’s site and had some nominated charity benefit from it than some character who was ‘lucky’ enough to get a copy to put on eBay!

  16. Lisa

    Picked up my copy in Electron Burnley, where the very lovely Les put me one aside(as I had asked him early enough & He Knows what a huge Kate fan I am, also got a copy of Panic Of girls by Blondie. Agood day all in all!

  17. Tim

    Unfortunately I could not make it to a store due to work, although I wouldn’t know which store to go to anyway as it wasn’t clear which store/s was selling the disc!
    Out of interest can anyone tell me how much the Kate disc was selling for at retail price?
    As for eBay I too think it’s disgusting how much people are selling for.

  18. Well, it’s very pretty, but how is it any different to what’s on the album?

    Or am I completely missing something here?

  19. malcolm

    Well, I got my Kate disc in Aberdeen, despite being about #30 in the queue, and being there half an hour before opening time. The down side is that I got none of the 9 others that I was considering going for (although I know the last Bowie one at my store went to a good home) – all already gone. It is beautiful though – well worth the (I think) £8.99 – I just feel a bit sick for those contemplating the £60-£80 some eBay sellers are asking on ‘Buy It Now).

  20. Thomas Johnson


    The retail price in Stockholm was £11 …

  21. Ian Marshall

    “Good luck to everyone and lets hope all 2000 end up in the hands of actual fans rather than people who just want to resell for a profit”

    I couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get hold of a copy on Saturday. I’m now seeing copies selling on ebay ranging from £40-£88, just two days after its release. I can’t afford prices like that … so am afraid your fears of profit mongers getting hold of many copies came true – which is rather sickening!

  22. Mingus 42

    OK I admit, I paid £40 for mine on e-bay. Why? well, for me the disc is a beautiful piece of art, and something which I will treasure for ever. Two questions though. Firstly, it’s obvious that ‘insiders’ had copies to sell prior to the actual Record Store Day, and secondly, why doesn’t Kate’s official site sell similar ‘collectors’ vinyl? Mugs and obscure T-shirts are just naff!

    • John

      Re: Items on ebay prior to RSD – Yeah, I agree it’s obvious that these record store owners are corrupt themselves. Remember the good old days before Amazon and Ebay when there used to be headline news reports that we were paying too much for music in the UK?

      I had a look at the RSD website the other day and I love their frequently asked questions section. Basically it tells us to piss about looking around regarding availability of the limited material and that it’s just too bad if we don’t get anything.

      That, folks, is the true spirit of Record Store Day.

      Long live Amazon!!!!!

  23. Good luck to everyone who have bought the pic disc via eBay, especially those who have bought two or more copies. Whilst demand outstrips supply (which with only 2000 copies manufactured will no doubt be a permanant situation) then your purchase should be a nice little investment for the future.

  24. Mr Bear

    Just to advise – I picked one up in Ilfracombe, Devon in the local record store on the high street (I was visiting relatives) on Tuesday afternoon – and they had another one. As a bit in the wilds it might still be there, worth checking out. I resisted buying both! Sorry can’t remember the stores name but it also was dvd and games store.

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