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Tribute Band ‘Never for Ever’ return to Lichfield Garrick

Never for Ever are a four piece band based in the North West who share a love of Kate Bush and “a passion for recreating the music and visual experience of this iconic performer”. The set list will include Wuthering Heights, Babooshka, Running up that Hill and Cloudbusting, as well as many ‘lesser known tracks’.

Never for Ever will perform on May 5 at 7.30pm. Details and tickets from the Lichfield Garrick.


Babooshka on ‘The Voice Australia’


Al.Hy performs Wuthering Heights on ‘The Voice France’


  1. Nicola

    Hurrah! I’m going as a birthday treat!

  2. Harry Horton

    Last November Kate Bush’s 50 Words for Snow was released to the world from the record shops. Even more fascinatingly she issued a statement soon after 50 Words for Snows release decrying the Tibetian monks setting themselves on fire as protest against the exploitative political policies of the CHineese government in Tibet. 50 Words for Snow has some very interesting subject material expressive of various religious dimensions of TIbetan culture—even the spiritual embodied Himalayan Yeti was a subject in her song WIldman from the album. On April 25 the Piers Morgan show from CNN had an interview with the exiled Tibetan religious leader the dalai Lama. Fascinatingly, THe Dalai Lama stated in the interview that CHineese presence in Tibet was suitable and compatible for his views on TIbet’s religious and political status–and chineese presence in Tibet could accord with the pursuit of Tibetan religious freedom. Via the Google search engine: the following entry guides one to excerpts of theCNN April 25 2012 Piers Morgan Dalai Lama interview: the google entry: “Piers Morgan Dalai Lama.” I wouldl ove to know what Kate Bush thinks of the dalai Lama’s stance on Chineese involvement in Tibet. Especially since the CHineese government exiled the Dalai Lama from Tibet back in the 20th century.

  3. Harry Horton

    As a followup to the previous post with more information, on the April 26th CNN’s Piers Morgan Dalai Lama program and Kate bush’s recent involvement with Tibet’s spiritual plight. THe pictures of Kate Bush in mouintainous, Himalayan dress—face wrappings, hooded shawl like apparel,—- such promotional pictures released with 50 Words of snow convey the substantial involvement with Tibetan culture Kate Bush expresses with her creativity that went into 50 words for Snow. The following web site articles and video clips are interesting to read together on this issue of the recent Tibetan monk immolations over the past year or so, and that topic going along with Kate Bush, as well as the Dalai Lama on CHinese political involvemnt in Tibet> The web articles are:
    “Clips From last Night: THe Dalai Lama on China, Tibet, and withstanding temptation” CNN April 26, 2012 Piers Morgan TOnight.
    “A Note For Tibet/Kate Bush”
    “Living in the Ice Age: Kate Bush: 50 Words for Snow”
    “Kate Bush speaks out on TIbet” – You tube.

  4. Nicola

    What has this to do with the Tribute band!?

  5. Keith DeWeese

    Is there some confusion between the words “tribute” and “Tibet?” It’s not a Tibet Band called “Never for Ever.” I’m left scratching my head.

  6. Just shows what a wacky and unpredictable place the internet can be !
    I see no connection with Tibet either , other than its odds on we will be playing Wild Man on Saturday 🙂

    • Nicola

      Woohoo! Shall look forward to it! Play it myself on keyboard. The tension she creates in this track is just terrific. Wish I could do it justice though! 😉

  7. Harry Horton

    According to the above article which stated: “A passion for creating the—music—and visual experince of this iconic performer.” That sentence means the songs and their—subjects— contained within the songs is what the band NEver 4 Ever will be conveying in the Tribute performance. These are the following articles from this web site that relate kate Bush’s substantial involvement with the subject—-Tibet. (1) Stand up for Tibet. (2) Kate expesses her views on events in Tibet. (3) Some Wildman updates….October 11, 2011. In fact on this latter web article there is an actual map that includes Tibet as a subject expressive of the material of kate Bush’s music and songs. Tengboche Monastary for example: the Tibetan subject in Wildman. Hence if Never 4 Ever is going to recreate the music of Kate Bush they will be entering in at least one song area: which is the subject area of —Tibet. Since WIldman has the subject of Tibet within it. That fact coupled with the one that kate Bush has developed some extensive interest in Tibet. But I will I have to concede that there is an over emphasis on Tibet anyway with the two posts—-but if anyone was really smart, they would forget the two posts I have written and post some info of how great this tribute band event is going to be, like the song sets—-I even checked you tube and NEver 4 Ever is a really good well accomplished versed band. Post some information on the songs, the band members –like how they got interested in Kate bush and the like and what the evening will be like. I bet some fans out ther could get twenty posts up if not more at least before may 5.

  8. Nicola

    Congratulations. You guys were great. Particularly enjoyed James and the Cold Gun, Breathing, The Red Shoes and Experiment IV. Kate’s songs are not the easiest to perform and sing and you guys did her proud! X x

    • Glad the gig went well!

    • Many thanks Nicola, and belated Happy Birthday !?!
      We intended to embarrass you during the show with a birthday shout out, but with one thing and another ( we had the sound check from hell with even my keyboards causing feed back at one point – dont ask ! ) our mental state was not exactly calm and collected at the start and we forgot. Anyway , glad you enjoyed the gig , please check out our Facebook page for band news and hope to see you again. Graham.

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