The latest news about the musician Kate Bush and her work

Al.Hy performs Wuthering Heights on ‘The Voice France’

Another entrant in the current crop of talent shows reaches for the Kate Bush Songbook:


Tribute Band ‘Never for Ever’ return to Lichfield Garrick


Kate wins South Bank Sky Arts Award!


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    Wow, this was NOT good.

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    Al.Hy is a great singer, a fantastic unusual personality but I found her interpretation absolutely disastrous. I was so excited to hear she would sing that song precisely because just like Kate she has her “own world”, but I must admit I was very disappointed.

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    it was a dreadful attempt at trying to copy a song with such complex lyrics, her voice is too husky for her to even sound like kate bush in any case! kate has a much higher and sweeter voice than al hy. you would have to be

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    her version was dreadful! her voice sounded too husky, kate bush has a much higher and sweeter voice. she should at least of tryed singing somthing more simple than somthing with such complex lyrics as wuthering heights

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