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Kate sends her thanks …

Kate has now posted this message of thanks on

I am so thrilled and honoured that ’50 Words For Snow’ won the South Bank Sky Arts award yesterday. It was a really wonderful event with the most extraordinary collection of artists. I was absolutely delighted to be a part of it and simply stunned by the incredible welcome. Many, many thanks to Melvyn Bragg for such a special day. I wonder if he knows what a total treasure he is?

I have been sent a great long list of comments from you all and I am just completely overwhelmed. Thank you so much for all your kind words and love. You made me cry!  I feel so touched and grateful to have you there and I am over the moon!
                   With love,
                        A very happy Kate xxxxxxxxx


Kate wins South Bank Sky Arts Award!


A brief response to an article in today’s Daily Mail


  1. Si O'Donovan

    Lovely feedback from Kate. Of course our response is, we are thrilled and honoured to have your beautiful music in our lives.
    After the ceremony I posted that Kate’s music touches souls. I spent the next four hours reminding myself of this fact and reminiscing about a life that Kate indirectly has been such a part of.
    Important to say though how much I hope her art will continue to develop and enthrall, and that this award signals great things for the future as well as celebrating what has passed.

  2. Lisa Oliver

    Oh, bless ya Kate ! xxx

  3. Rod

    What a star! And still full of praise for others. She is right about Melvin, though, it will be great to have The South Bank Show back again. And wouldn’t it be marvelous if Melvin devoted a show to Kate’s work?

    • Barbara

      You know what, I was going to ask if Melvyn was going to do a proper documentary on her on the South Bank Show!

  4. Linda

    You deserve your award Kate, you’ve done so much for the British music business quietly going about doing your own ‘thing’. We wish you well in any future products which we know will exceptional because they take so long to produce.

    Take care Kate.

    From Linda, Steve and daughter Natalie, Linda, Kate xxx

  5. Stephanie

    Could she be any sweeter? This award was well-deserved for sure and she looked absolutely beautiful. I’m grateful we have her here with us; That is certain!

  6. Gabriella

    this made me cry ,.. i am very happy that Kate is happy and out ,… and she just as beautiful and radent as ever!!! i am so touched ,..and so happy for Kate and her family are just beautiful and lovely,…

    Dearest Kate i love you to and you just amazed me how beautiful and brilliantine you are always ..
    all my love Gabi your fishyfancy,..***********

  7. John

    Thank you so much for all your kind words and love. You made me cry!

    No, Kate. Thank you.

  8. Karen

    Dear Ms Bush. I want to take the time to congratulate you on your public success. Your work has been my joy and my comfort for most of my life. Please do not ever stop creating the joy you share with us all as your fans.

  9. What a truly lovely lady.

  10. Larry Phillips

    Kate’s work just keeps getting better and more profound. I wouldn’t have believed it possible that anything could be as good or better than Aerial, but 50 Words for Snow is amazingly deep, resonant (in many ways), and beautiful beyond belief. I was very happy to see the video of her accepting the award. She’s such a lovely person.

  11. David England

    What a joy to see Kate so happy and getting the response she deserves for such a beautiful album.
    And….how lovely to have a bit of Anish Kapoor for the mantlepiece!

  12. Thank you for being there, Kate. Happy, healthy and very inspiring.

  13. Brian

    I’ve got a feeling when Kate looks back maybe many years from now, and she is asked what was her favourite album that she had made, she will say ’50 Words For Snow’.
    Since the album came out I’ve watched, and been a part of this beautiful outpouring of love and respect for Kate and her music.
    That sort of response, singers and songwriters dream about.
    And we, as Kate’s long term fans cry with her as she feels the love.
    It’s such a good sign of even more good things to come from that lady.
    She is the best!

  14. Once more: Thank you, Kate 🙂 🙂 🙂

  15. corinne

    You’ve still got it Kate’ we’re all behind you. Awaiting many more outpourings…hopefully, a few more of Bertie too!! x

  16. Some of us learned to open our ears 34 years ago thanks to Kate and we’ve never ceased to Feel It since then.
    Go softly on…

    • Thanks Kate for everything you have given us. Your art is an inspiration and moves me every time. I love 50 Words For Snow there is so much to hear in every listen. I wanna give you a big hug…congratulations with your deserved award ! You sing in my head most days 🙂 Please keep in touch with us..we are your fans and love you very much.

    • corinne

      2nd post, but had to have a rant….appalled at the media ( The Sun) and certain posts picking up on the fact that Kates put on a little weight. Unless she’s Bengimina Button, surely that’s perfectly normal; and more importantly, itsn’t it all about the music??…..Society, pah!… the words of Eddie Vedder…X

  17. Lee Stark & his puppy!

    So lovely to see you after all these years, looking fantastic and as beautiful as ever. Been fan’s of your music since the early 90’s (a bit late discovering you).. Thank you so much for every second of every song, and here’s to many many more to come.. Don’t leave it too long though please, lol ;0)

    Big Big Hugs to a totally unique artist who’s music has changed our lives forever..

    Go get em Kate xxx

  18. Sky

    Lovely to see that Kate deservedly won this prestigious award. Good to see her happy to be out and about, too, and still so grateful to everyone else who contributes to her singular works. Her music is so unique and her influence so wide, yet she’s still such a modest person, and she’s strong enough to refuse to play the dreadful game of celebrity – good for her! As Kyla has said, she’s the sort of woman who should be a role model for young women now, not the plastic ‘celebs’ they tend to laud. Kate is unique and uniquely talented. I am so glad to have discovered her music. She has certainly been a strong and bright force in my life for over 30 years.

  19. Thank you, you are as beautiful as ever.

  20. Lisa

    well pleased that Kate too is well pleased with her award. It’s a shame that all some of the papers could concentrate on were old Kate myths & shock! gasp! horror! someone’s put on a couple of pounds! I’m just glad she’s happy, healthy and producing some of her best work ever!
    love you lots Kate!
    Keep it up!

  21. david mansfield

    Kate you need a OBE now , so glad you won this award . david xxxx

  22. Your beautiful body is elder, anyone can see that, but you are not so thick that your beauty has vanished! The soullove in your shining eyes is the same! After 35 years is it truly couregeous to sing again for many people. Will your voice be like it was before? If not, than it is so, but you gave us the best of yourself. Please, come to Holland, because I adore you like Maria Magdalena! The beauty of your spiritual soul will never get old! Thank you for being my only, comforting friend in my darkest ouerst!…

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