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Media celebrates 30 years of The Dreaming

The Dreaming

Two rather fine articles occasioned by the 30th anniversary of Kate’s wildest album: by Matthew Linsay in The Quietus and by Ian D. Hall in LSMedia. Both not to be missed.

Another by DJ El Toro at KEXP Seattle, who pulled the album from the archive complete with the contemporary notes from his predecessors of 30 years ago.


Up Late With Kate – The Melbourne Fringe 22nd September 2012


Occultation of Mercury


  1. giulio

    I was very young when this album came out and it was a shock…
    my parents didn’t want me to listen to this ”strange” music but
    it was so hypnotic and i couldn’t stop enjoying it.
    Who cared about what they said . . . they’d have wanted
    me to listen to children’s music 🙂
    The single ‘The Dreaming’ was the bridge
    that actually led me to the whole album, and it was with this
    music that my preadolescence began.
    It remains a wonderful album. A real masterpiece indeed.

  2. Del Palmer

    30 Years!!!… Oh my goodness!!….

  3. Renaud

    An outstanding record. Kate’s masterpiece !

  4. Rod

    I love it, an album as wild and big as that mane of 1980s hair. I love that Bjork told the New Yorker’s Alex Ross that it’s one of her 10 favourite albums, you can imagine how The Dreaming might have inspired Bjork’s writing of songs like The Anchor Song.

  5. noodle

    Being a late starter to Kate’s music, I discovered her catalogue more or less in reverse order from The Red Shoes (and to be fair I was only 1 year old when The Dreaming was released!).

    I’ll never forget the moment I first played this album on my brother’s Hi-Fi – I was completely taken aback and, yet again, fell in love with this woman’s work.

  6. M H Kershaw

    The best album ever. I love eveything about it, the mood, the song titles and especially the album cover. It was way ahead of its time as its just 30 years later that people are waking up to the fact that this is actually a masterpiece.

  7. The Kate of ‘The Dreaming’ is one of my favourites of the many Kates that exist.

    Wide of eye, high of voice, and big of hair, with ideas, allusions and references so jam-packed in every line that they leave you reeling in the music. The closest we’ll ever get to listening to Kate’s brain working – terrifying, but exhilarating too.

    Someone compared it to TS Eliot’s’ The Wasteland’. Well, yes, but ‘The Dreaming’ has much better tunes.

    I LOVE LIFE!!!

  8. Elizabeth

    Sigh… the perfect album. Perfect. I still near newfound nuances, feelings, and impressions when I listen. You can label it genius, masterpiece, on and on, but I think it demands the invention of a new lexicon, and for that matter, of Kate herself.

    This album was made to be played loud.

  9. Radio orange

    I still adore this album. I remember buying and being totally freaked out by it ( seeing the film poltergeist that evening added extra effect) . It’s an album that warrants extra attention and still haunts me today. Brilliant. Brilliant trees by David Sylvian and the Dreaming remain my all time favourites.
    30 years ago. I feel old.

  10. Ed Gallagher

    Stunning to think of this being with us
    30 years on…… I have 4 of her releases that could arguably be singled out as her ‘masterpiece’ on any given day… and this is definitely one of them. Love the music, Love the artist.

  11. Laura Bender

    I am 21 and have only come in touch with Kate when 50 words came out. It was realtively late in my fan career- i think over a year – that i finally listened to this album, because it never was mentioned so much anywhere. Well, I have NO idea why that is, It is my favourite album ever. This energy, the intricate worlds of song she creates … wonderful . Truly amazing. I always listen to this album on my way to uni.

  12. Ryan Sinclair

    Its about time. The Dreaming is my all time favourite album. Leave it Open, especially.

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