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Brian Bath – official site and KT Bush Band relaunched!

UPDATE 2016: Brian now maintains his own website here. Read about the KT Bush Band re-launching at their site here!

Brian Bath, who played many of those guitar licks you remember from Kate’s early albums has his own band, “The Life of Brian” with Miranda (vocals) Stephen (Bass) and Phillip (Drums). The band are based in south-east London and play in pubs, clubs and at private functions, performing numbers from a wide range of musical styles and genres by artists such as Adele to ZZ Top! including The Beatles, The Kinks,  The Police, The Pretenders, Anastasia, KT Tunstall, Amy Winehouse, Kings of Leon, Sheryl Crow and much more.


Beck Sian’s current album Ye OId Silent Inn, and new projects for 2013


Wuthering Heights is 35 years young today!


  1. Mark

    It seems a lot of “Kate’s people” are busy with their own projects!

    • We like to cover the “Katesphere” here on There will be posts on the Kate Cover bands Lisa Oliver’s Cloud busting and Maaike Breijman’s Wow Show, the band Syd Arthur which includes Kate’s nephew, and another of Kate’s cousins Sarah Daly aka Metaphorest as soon as we can get around to it. We will also be keeping tabs on Del Palmer’s solo work.

  2. Rod

    What a fantastic name for the band. Darn it, you’ve got some top people playing in pubs and clubs in that London.

  3. Oooh, I hope they are playing somewhere when I’m in London next summer. Would love to see them play!

  4. Nanette

    It’s nice to see the site promote musical talent. I sure wish I lived close enough to see this band.

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