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Norwegian comic strip ‘Nemi’ knows….

Nemi strip

From René: Norwegian comic strip Nemi did this strip of the main character, Nemi, obviously being flattered by the notion that “Facebook thinks you might know: Kate Bush” (thanks René) [Source]


Syd Arthur (featuring Raven Bush) – new single, album and tour announced!


“WOW – 35 years of Kate Bush” feature in Gay Times


  1. Karen Newcombe


  2. Mark

    I like it!

  3. fredo

    ? I dont get the joke I guess…

  4. Harry Horton

    The comic strip is rather cute, with a more human quality to it. I did find the following on the internet involving some interviews, and review of kate Bush over the past decades. I found it on yahoo. The web site: “Kate Bush/Velovcities in Music” http://www.velocities —-Its a really intersting segment of various clips involving two guys reviewing the Dreaming. And they give some really animated ideas on the Dreaming and the offshoot influences the album emerged in such as the underground rock scene. Addtionally there was an interview of Kate Bush, Sat in Your lap video and other video and media accounts on kate Bush. For Kate Bush fans, its an interesting find with a detailed and lengthy perspective given by others on kate Bush’s music. and her impact on other artists. Defintiely check out the web site above and the content will become availabale.

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