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Are you starting to feel it?

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Kate Creates Hand-drawn Cover for Mojo Magazine’s 20th Anniversary Issue!


Kate’s Christmas Message 2013


  1. giulio


  2. Gabriella

    Hi Sean ,..
    yes ,.. Dec will be magic again,…:)**

  3. Steve

    Ah, memories

  4. Dave

    I forgot just how beautiful that song is. Thanks for posting this.
    She is just amazing.

  5. Elizabeth Bracy

    The voice of heaven…

    No one makes me feel like you do, Kate.

  6. Alan

    This is my favourite version! I still remember the first time ‘Kate’ was aired on the 28th of December 1979. It is still a great song and performance and much more atmosphere than the two studio versions, I think. Kate Bush ‘she makes you feel nice’

  7. Caleb

    December Will Be Magic Again along with Home For Christmas and the entirety of 50 Words For Snow are constantly on repeat for me this season. I cannot even imagine Christmas without their beauty and warmth. The latter, in particular, is the definition of an instant classic and I have been listening to it year-round since its release in 2011.

    In short, I am definitely feeling it, without a doubt.
    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays, Everyone!

  8. Mingus 42

    A dull day has just become a very happy one, thanks x

  9. Harry Horton

    Great song! I wish one of the TV networks could put together a half an hour mystical fantasy scene program, with a religious or spiritual quality to such a program in Britain ,>>>>featuring December will be Magic again as the musical centerpiece. In any case ought to be something of an official Christmas anthem in some category for theUK as well as the US for that matter. Additionally I got on the MSN search engine and typed in: “Kate Bush december will be magic” and then punched in videos or found the video area of the above title. The MSN Kate Bush december….title took me to Bing which had a columnar listing of the numerous videos of Kate Bush December will be Magic. Some of the interesting ones from the listing samples (Listing samples have video visuals as cover items from the video in consideration) goes as follows: December will be magic again (fan…) 12/11/2011 vimeo. THis is a favorite one of four people in the snow, with a young girl lip singing Kate Bush’s December will be magic song—has simple joyous essence to it and the girl looks good too, that additionally keeps everyone interested as the song moves along. (2)”Me singing: December will be magic” Kate Bush Gij’s van Winkelhof you tube 12/24/2009. A mystical verison with spectres, ghosts, and an echo like essence to the voices. SHort also less than 2 minutes but has a novel approach to the song. (3) Cloudbursting version in the selections also, (4)one by a guy called Wojtek Godzisz which is okay, nothing to really burn the house down on that one though. Still, the song is fairly viable for expanding into some Christams time TV film projects though. Animation projects are something of a consideration.

  10. Harry Horton

    I checked the internet for more additional Kate Bush music, with December will be magic again as central interest. (1) Kate Bush Medley on Piano by Gijs van Winkelhof (Gijspian) Uploaded on December 5, 2007. Probably the best arrangements of Kate Bush’s songs on the internet. A real talented and exquisite flair & essence to the music. Original compositional treatment by Mr. Winkelhof of Kate Bush’s music is gorgeous and excellent–beyond most of the other editions by other artists. Includes December will be magic. (2) Wuthering Heights cover – Annalu, a pretty good version also. (3) Elisa – Wuthering Heights (2010-05-23) She captures the very high pitched voice of the early Kate Bush. A seductively good rendition, with unusual emphasis on different parts of the song that is unique and singular. Shakes her head near song’s end with her hair flying about her face. (4) Hayley Westenra – Wuthering Heights – Uploaded by danielpradash. A good concert version. (5) Last but not least: “X Factor 2 – Chiarastella canta “Wuthering Heights” (Settima puntata) A robust Italian song contest environ for the Kate Bush song to be given within. One of the judges effusively goes on in strong animation (and in Italian) about the song and the singer in the earlier part of the video, with the song beginning at the 2:38 mark. Around the 2:15 mark the singer comes out on stage with a bouncy intro quality in the music. It is the first time I heard Wuthering Heights to be performed, with a musical ‘lead in intro’ that sounded like an introduction of a stripper, with the singer’s appearance on stage. AN interesting video watching the Italian dialogue transit suddenly to English with Wuthering Heights being performed. The above are some interesting other versions of Kate Bush’s music off the internet.

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