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Kate Creates Hand-drawn Cover for Mojo Magazine’s 20th Anniversary Issue!

Mojo 20 Years WalletThe new edition of Mojo Magazine (out later this week) will be celebrating the magazine’s 20th year of publication. To mark it, they asked Kate to design the hand-drawn cover! The Independent newspaper writes: “There’s probably only one media brand in the world that could get the famously private Kate Bush to fetch down her sketching equipment and produce a hand-drawn illustration in its honour. And that’s Mojo.” Note: the cardboard wallet pictured here will contain the actual magazine, which will feature Kate’s cover.

The issue will also include a free CD plus interviews with  Jimmy Page, John Lydon, Ringo Starr, Alex Turner, Brian Wilson, Jeff Beck, Debbie Harry, Paul Weller, Prince Buster, Ray Davies, Martha Reeves, Yoko Ono, Cliff Richard, Steven Tyler, Danger Mouse, David Crosby, Pete Seeger, Buddy Guy, Bobby Womack and John Cale. Also featured will be the ’20 Most Important Albums of Mojo’s Lifetime’ as voted by the readers. Read more about the magazine at the Mojo site here.

Subscribers to the magazine will additionally get an extra special version of this Kate-designed cover, “adorned with gold foil block.” Sure to be a collector’s item! Kate has apparently signed her cover art with the following dedication:

“Glad to see you’ve still got your Mojo after 20 years”

Kate's Mojo Magazine cover


Gered Mankowitz on Kate


Are you starting to feel it?


  1. Avatar

    John V-W

    Don’t normally buy magazines anymore but might have to make an exception this time!

  2. Avatar


    Very cool! I can only imagine what Kate will draw!

  3. Avatar

    A great tribute, to the magazine which carried the greatest interview she’s ever done:

    “Weak? Frail? Mentally Unstable? Fuck Off!”

  4. Avatar


    Very erotic indeed……

  5. Avatar

    Mingus 42

    Kate drew some lovely cartoons for the Kate Bush Club magazines, remember them?

  6. Avatar


    The “j” looks decidedly like something else entirely….

  7. Avatar

    geoff walker

    just wondering which kate bush song she thinks is the best shes written.

  8. Avatar


    Kate’s sense of humour…go to the naughty step!

  9. Avatar


    she’s said RUTH is “alright” 🙂

  10. Avatar


    I want to join the forum. I joined yuku and requested to be a member of the forum.

    Nobody answered me am I accepted or not.

    Maybe I don’t use YUKU correctly.


  11. Avatar


    Not sure I like this ”joke”. . .
    I know it’s meant to be funny, but it just isn’t…

    • Avatar


      Lighten up, Eric! It’s just a pun. It’s not as if it’s supposed to make you roll on the floor laughing, for goodness’ sake.

      • Avatar


        She’d have to get on the Foster’s Comedy Awards for that!:-( By the way, am I alone in thinking her drawing resembles Lol Creme’s logo for the first 10cc album?

    • Avatar


      I agree it’s pretty stupid.
      Not particularly original.

  12. Avatar


    Obviously Kate’s Mojo isn’t a competitive bike rider ..!.

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