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Kate’s Christmas Message 2013

Kate has just posted her 2013 Christmas message on the official site:

Wishing you a really wonderful Christmas. Thank you for your kind messages and continual positive presence throughout this year. It means a great deal to me.
                                 I hope 2014 is a great year for all of us.
                                          With love and best wishes,
                                                Kate x


We wish Kate and her family, and all Kate fans, a very happy Christmas, and we look forward to all the good things, that 2014 may bring for us all.

Sean, Dave, Krys and Peter x


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  1. Lise Gerrard

    Wishing you & yours a magical Christmas Kate. Looking forward to what 2014 brings! xxxxxxx

  2. zounds

    Hope everyone has a good one! *chink*

    All the best for 2014 x


  3. Here’s wishing you all a fantastically merry and peaceful Yuletide and a bright and rewarding new year!!…

    With love..

    Del Palmer
    P’S: OI!!… Where’s this book then?….

    • And to you and yours Del.

      We very nearly had it ready for Christmas. Just a few last minute things (I’m sure you know how that works!)

      What we expect will be the final approval proof is now somewhere between the publisher and printer. We really do expect it FINALLY to be available in January. So that will be something good for 2014.

    • Collin Kelley

      Merry Christmas, Del, Kate, Sean, Peter, Dave and Krys. Thanks for keeping the KB fire burning. Hope to see you all in London in the new year (by hook or by crook – possibly by crook). xoxo

  4. Mark

    Thanks Kate for your art (and beauty) and thanks to Kate Bush news for keeping track of her art!

  5. 2013 had memories of the greatest ever debut in modern music 35 years ago

    2014 will have memories of the greatest ever live show in modern music 35 years ago.

    But it’d be nicer to have more than just memories….

  6. Gabriella

    Dear Kate ,..
    we wishing you a joyful Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2014 ,… may the new year bring anew lovely year good positives vibes !!!
    love to you ad your dear family ,.. cheers !!!
    all our love the Patterson’s family 🙂 **

  7. Gabriella

    wishing a merry Christmas to Sean, Dave, Krys and Peter ,..
    and a happy new year ,.. i hope you all get what you wish for and that you always be happy healthy and wealthy ,.. many,.. family ,& friends , care for you always ,…. much love to you Gabi Joe Bella Pattersons ,… :)***

  8. Merry Christmas Kate and to everyone at KBN x

  9. Leyton

    Festive salutations to a truly great artist. Your music and lyrics have inspired and moved me since 1978. Much love. xxx

  10. Julia Kleemann

    Loved your music from the very first time I saw you in 1978. Happy Xmas to you. Look forward to your magic in the very near future.

  11. Sophie. Karanicolas

    Merry Xmas Kate … To you and your family… I have appreciated your presence in 2013 and always over the last 30 odd years all the way across the globe in Australia.

    Del a very Merry Xmas to you also and to Kate fans

    Love and beat wishes
    Sophie !

  12. Merry Christmas to all! Blessings on you homes and happy hearts!

  13. Caleb

    All of the very best to you at KBNews this holiday season. Thank you for all that you do to keep us informed and inspired year-round. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  14. jim

    Merry Christmas to all. Thanks for keeping us informed.

  15. Johnny Vann


    Wishing you all Chrismas cheer and best wishes for the season

    May 2014 bring sparkles, happiness and dreams come true

    From our family to yours

    John, Tonie & Jessica (all huge fans)

  16. Paul Burgess

    Merry Christmas Kate and all. Wishing you all the best for the new year.

  17. sharon mckendrick

    Dearest Kate, I have loved your music all my life and always will. Thank you from my soul. Love and Merry Xmas to you and yours… from Sharon in New Zealand. xx Rockin on in the free World down under xx

  18. Howard Martin

    Happy Christmas to you and yours Kate. Thankyou so much for all the music and i look forward to hearing more, when it feels right for you!

  19. Freek

    Thank you for your music and art. I wish you and your family a wonderful Chirstmas as well.

  20. neil


  21. Max Cookney

    Merry Christmas Kate and all at KNB & Homeground. Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2014!
    With love, Max

  22. Pekka

    A very merry Xmas to Kate, everyone at KBN and all the lovely people sending their Xmas wishes here!
    All the best for another great year to you all.

  23. pacitti

    Chère Kate, je me permets de vous écrire en français car je sais que c’est une langue que vous savez lire et parler un peu ; et pour moi il m’est plus facile de vous écrire ces mots ainsi… Depuis mon enfance, vous avez su me transporter vers des mondes fabuleux, vous m’avez fait rêver, émouvoir, émerveiller, charmer, pleurer, vous m’avez aussi à maintes reprises inspirée, vous avez su toucher mon coeur et mon âme au travers de vos différents talents d’artiste. J’aimerais tant que cette magie que vous savez mettre en scène dans vos chansons continuent de nous faire rêver. Je vous souhaite de passer de très bonnes fêtes de fin d’année. Whishing you a Merry Christmas, and all the best for you and your family for this new year ! Lots of Love <3 Tricie ~Just make us dream again and again…

  24. Gary diamond

    thank you Sean and the group for all you have done for us followers!!! gave a good one! and let’s hope 2014 will be magic!!! eat the music Gary

  25. Kiki

    Merry Christmas, Kate & family! Seasons greetings to everyone at KBN, sincere thanks for keeping us informed.

    Guess what I want for Christmas?! :o) Happy 2014 to all.

  26. Although it’s late, I just want to wish Kate, Dan and Albert a very Merry Christmas!! Also, Merry Christmas to, and Homeground!!

    Here’s hoping that 2014 will be a special year for everyone!

  27. Rod

    Hey, Merry Christmas everyone. Merry Christmas, Homeground. The covers for vols 1 & 2 look fab! Nice illos. Back to the cake and the pud!

  28. Doug Hutto

    We will always love this woman, Kate Bush. She has touched my soul for many years…blessing to Kate!!!

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