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Calvin Klein designer acquires a copy of “Cathy” by John Carder Bush

The second “Cathy” related post in as many weeks, this one is an article I missed from 2012 in the Wall Street Journal about how delighted Italo Zucchelli, menswear designer for Calvin Klein Collection, was to pick up a rare copy of the book for over $1,000 recently! (thanks to Gabi for sharing)

“When I saw it, I screamed,” says Mr. Zucchelli, who owns all of Ms. Bush’s albums. “I bought it immediately. I had to have that book.” Since then, the book, “Cathy” by John Carder Bush, has occupied a prominent spot on the bookshelf in his Manhattan apartment, “where I can see it.”

Read the full article at the Wall Street Journal site here. Seán says: This makes me extra grateful again for the signed copy of the book that John sent me a few years back – cheers John! Check out John’s official site here to purchase his beautifully bound novel “The Cellar Gang“.

Italo Zucchelli, menswear designer for Calvin Klein Collection cathy_klein2


Belfast tribute to Kate for International Women’s Day event


Beautiful version of Running Up That Hill from last weekend’s Belfast event


  1. Gabriella

    one lovely book ,.. Johns book ,..of Cathy book almots feels like enchanted fairy tale……a charming book indeed it is ,…

  2. len

    I have one of those. Beautiful. Beautiful. 🙂

    Thank you!

  3. Milli

    Kate Bush is a gay icon….. This guy just proves it once again…

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