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David Rhodes and Sandra Marvin join Kate’s live band

David RhodesPeter Gabriel’s longtime guitarist, David Rhodes, has confirmed that he has been busy rehearsing with Kate and will be joining her for the Before the Dawn shows which start in August. From his official Facebook page this morning:

Busy times. Have just spent the last eight days rehearsing with Kate Bush. Needless to say, a delight and a pleasure. Off to New York on Tuesday to play for PG at the Rock Roll Hall Of Fame shindig.

Sandra MarvinMeanwhile singer Sandra Marvin has tweeted that she’ll be on backing vocals duties for Kate’s shows. On the day following the live shows announcement, she tweeted:

“My 3rd reason to be happy….Because my summer will be spent singing for @KateBushMusic in her UK Concerts!! EXCITED!”


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  1. neil

    Just been reading sob stories about people who bought tickets for others and didnt read the policy.Well it was there to read and you made a mistake dont blame the process just try reading the rules.And as for others saying shes lost looks well some of us listen with our ears and looks are a bonus….my god how to alienate half of the population in one sentence.Also accusations that its money driven .Well god forbid anyone should earn a living by doing their work.I take it that person doesnt go to cinema, concerts,theatre or anywhere that you are required to pay anyone for entertaining you.Maybe you dine out of dustbins too as restaurants want to make ma living too.

    • Steve

      A harsh truth for some perhaps, but a truth nonetheless

    • davidly

      Hi Neil

      I agree regarding the inconsiderate things people say and I am certainly not the kind to begrudge Kate’s earning as much as she would like for herself and her crew of artists. Good on her!

      I hasten to point out, however, that the “sob stories” are not just folks who ignorantly “bought tickets for others”. My specific situation involves the result of having been given an exclusive pre-sale code which made explicit its non-transferable nature, but having dealt with a seller that was not equipped to allow the booker any way to pay for the ticket other than with a credit card. The money is still ultimately coming from me and, anyway, gift or not, there are manifold on-line systems in place that allow for the inevitability of a booker using another’s credit card. I have seen before, for example, “name on order if not the same as credit card holder”.

      Moreover, the language stipulated again and again was “booker”, yet this language appears nowhere on the site where the booking takes place. Granted, if I had known that I might have been able to put my name in the Billing Address and that it would not have raised a red flag with my friend’s credit card company (surely resolvable with a phone call), then I would have done so (but that would have been dishonest). Nevertheless, my name and address appear under Delivery Address, yet I am being told I am stuck with a ticket with another name on it.

      I don’t in any way ask you to sympathize with me, and I certainly know that my problems amount to nothing in the greater scheme of this all-too-often harsh world. Nevertheless, I know that there is no way that this is what the promoter had in mind when the took action to avoid the re-sale of tickets. The knowledge of this reality makes for a quite sincere sob story, I can assure you; there is no other artist on this planet for whom this would be the case, for me. This much I know you can understand.

      I continue to hope against hope that some brilliant compromise solution will manifest, allowing entrance for the many fans from around the world who had no alternative but to use someone else’s credit card to book their ticket.

      I just know that something good it going to happen!

  2. Eric

    Did Rhodes rehearse new material?

    • We have no idea what is going on in the rehearsals, and we don’t really want to know – would spoil the surprise! 🙂

    • masanori

      Please, Eric, don’t ask that question in public place (virtual or physical) to Mr Rhodes or to anyone who looks being involved in Before The Dawn!!! I really don’t want to know!! Thank you very much.

  3. Harry Horton

    I hope more postings in the future for additional musicians joining the Kate Bush ensemble or band that will be performing In August- October. Also I hope the electric mix format for other Kate Bush songs, continues. This Woman’s work and cloudbursting were well done, Running up that Hill was so so at best. With plenty more songs to transform in this electric mix mode, it would be great to see them appear in that format.

  4. Nanette

    Exactly, Neil. I’ve stayed away from a lot of places because I can’t stand to hear people whinge. Good lord–no wonder she decided fame wasn’t for her. It’s like being nibbled to death by ducks.

  5. Harry Horton

    Doing genealogical research on musical Hortons around the world. I found a really neat singer and composer in Wales called Bethan Louoise Horton. She is 19 years old. I wish the concert organizers consider her as back up singer in the Kate Bush concert band. I don’t know her, only a fellow Horton. I think it would be neat for a 19 year old aspiring singer to have a part in a major event like this. She thus is a Welshie. Her facebook page: Bethan Louise Horton On the page there is the following songs: (1) Pharell WIlliams Happy (official Bethan Horton Cover) February 13. Bethan Louise Horton April 3 – Come to the Studio with mehh. https: // =ntTPZH7KOT feature=youtube. ‘THe Come to the studio ‘song relates how steady her voice is and how she handles all different ranges in the song. As well as rehersal experience. Kate Bush’s
    songs like Under Ice, Morning Fog, jig of Life, I think these pieces she could fit into too. Its only an idea. I heard that kate Bush will do a lot of selections from the Ninth Wave. I hope thats right, they are the best ones in a lot of ways.

  6. Harry Horton

    The keepers of this web site ought to create contest over the next four months. The contest would be for the Kate Bush fans to submit their imaginitive ideas of musicians they would like to see to fill in the positions of the Kate Bush band that will perform for the August- October 2014 London concert dates. That is fantasy program of who would make the ideal Kate Bush band or ensemble for the London concerts. In America, the NFL national football league in coordination with the major TV networks run such an endeavor. They run a program called your fantsy team, or something like that where fans can fill in the players they would like to see in the NFL teams in certain situations. In the case of Kate Bush, the muscians are chosen by the fans as a fantasy band. Winners get four or five tickets to a Kate Bush concert and free hotel accomodtions for the sty in London during the concerts. THe gmeshow: THe Price is Right type of situation. Two or three judges can make the final decision on such contest results. FOr example I like Susanna Hoffs on guitar and back up vocals, she being a former memeber of the American band the Bangles. SHe is 55 years olld living in California. In any case, these being some random ideas, I hope this web site will post the future musicians who will make up the Kate Bush Band for these concerts.

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