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An extraordinary couple of weeks…some of the headlines

It might all eventually seem real to us! Thanks for all the emails and apologies if we’ve been useless at getting back to you, we’ve been swamped. Some of the headlines from the last fortnight gathered here (with thanks to Tom Pilcher for scanning many of them). We’re slowly getting back to what I thought we’d mainly be doing around now and that’s selling the HomeGround books! Do spread the word on the books, they are wonderful. I am so proud of Peter, Krys and Dave and what they’ve achieved. – Seán

March newspaper headlines


Site Exclusive! Brian Cloughley designs a beautiful Tour of Life infographic


David Rhodes and Sandra Marvin join Kate’s live band


  1. zounds

    I’m so glad that I wasn’t born 100 years ago.

  2. Kiki

    Nothing to add … Just want to say “thank you” to everyone at KBN / Homeground. For the news, for the forum … for all the hard work you guys do to keep us updated. Very much appreciated! This is a great little corner of the web 🙂

  3. kaybee

    Who’d ‘a thought it!

  4. Gary

    At least this ain’t a Aprils fool!!! 😉

  5. neil

    Hope Kate doesn’t get anxious about the fuss

    • kaybee

      Me too Neil . That worries me as well . She’s caused a LOT of excitement! I hope the next few months aren’t too stressful for her and I hope she has fun getting the show ready. X

  6. Well done Kate, you’ve got the world at your feet again. We know you will be stupendous, because those of us with open ears can ‘feel it’

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