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Less than five weeks to go till Kate performs in London!

Less than five weeks to go till the opening night of Before The Dawn on August 26th! Very soon, we’ll be collecting all the latest news from the musicians who have been working with Kate (without any actual spoilers about the content of the shows!). We won’t be reporting on the content of the shows till the first reviews come in after opening night AND even when we run those, we’ll be careful to hide them behind spoiler warnings for you.

Here’s something a little bit fun in the meantime. Guitarist David Rhodes has posted some photos on his Facebook page that he snapped while travelling to Kate’s rehearsals, somewhere deep in the English countryside. He describes the pictures as “phone snaps on the daily ride into work; happy and productive days.” Kate has hired a very exciting and interesting range of musical talent to bring her stage ambitions to life, and as expected the crew of people she has gathered around her have been keeping tight-lipped about these shows, so that Kate can unveil her shows to everyone in August in the way that she wants. We couldn’t be more excited!



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  1. Gary Alexander

    I am going on a media blackout until I have seen the concert. I am soooo looking forward to the concerts. I ask only one question: Would it be possible to keep postings about the concert secret until after the last show so that the people that are going to see Kate won’t be tempted to look as I feel that the “surprise” element will be spoilt otherwise…

    I saw Kate in 1979, in fact I was at the Hammersmith Odeon on 13th May 1979… and the applause that Kate got at the end of the concert is going to minimal to what she is is going to get when she comes on stage this time….

    I am going with 2 friends who I have warned that I will probably cry, jump up down and basically go into complete meltdown…

    One final plea..if you are going to the concerts please don’t view the concert through a mobile phone.. whilst you get a quick picture you don’t get the memories.. even now I cry everytime I see Kate singing Wuthering Heights…

    • Mingus 42

      It’s too much isn’t it, this infernal waiting. I’m going to the September 9th concert, (So lucky), but don’t know if I’ll have the strength not to read the reviews, or see snippits on TV. I do hope Kate finds time to write to us all prior to the concerts, if not to calm everyones nerves!

    • NJ Morgan

      Great point about mobile phones. Sadly, I am not expecting a Sea of Honey when I see the show next month, but I am certainly expecting to witness a sea of mobile phones. I do wish there was a way of banning these at the shows :0(

  2. Graham

    Some of us don’t mind spoilers, so hiding any such post behind a ‘Spoiler’ tag should suffice.

  3. Please post everything about her concerts under the SPOILER ALERT tag. Team Graham 😉

  4. John Venton-Walters

    Happy birthday Kate!! I, unfortunately (very) didn’t manage to get hold of a ticket but I will be rooting for you and I hope the shows will be a brilliant success, but I just know they will be!! Wishing you nothing but happiness for your day (and beyond). I sincerely hope that certain recent revelations in the press, although deeply unfortunate and shocking, have not disturbed your focus at all, but it would be completely understandable if they have. For what’s it’s worth I’m sorry but all we can do is just carry on with love in our hearts to the best of out ability. Many happy returns Kate, and best of wishes for a great run!
    P.S. any chance of a CD/DVD? xx

  5. Kate, I just want to take a few minutes to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I know that you’re very, very busy with rehearsals for your big concert on August 26th. Have a wonderful day!!

  6. David

    I’m new to this pop concert lark. With just five weeks to go, should we have been sent the actual tickets yet?

  7. Sky

    Can hardly believe it will son be time to see Kate. I am grateful to KBNI for advising there will be spoiler alerts – like many others, I want this experience to be totally new and fresh, I don’t want to know what the show is like before I see it on 2 September. I did see Kate, in November 1979 at the Royal Albert Hall, but that was a 3 song set as guest of the London Symphony Orchestra; by contrast a whole gig centred around Kate will be stupendous. I just know she is going to delight and surprise us all.

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