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Midday Newsbits round up

Daily Mirror celebrates Kate’s return to the stage and explains why many fans didn’t get ticketsVogue looks at Kate’s influence on fashionGuardian commentator Vanora Bennett explains how a Kate song enlarged her view of those crazy Russians … what Grazia expects … Metro has reasons to celebrateNME gives us Ten Things we Didn’t know about Wuthering Heights (but not their contemporary non-review) …

TimeOut lists the “Alternative Kate Bush events” … The Daily Mash ferrets out the true intent of Kate’s gigs.

Others have been digging out the archives: The Guardian/ObserverTelegraphRTE.


Hammersmith Apollo proudly displays Before the Dawn marquee!


Tea time Newsbits update


  1. derek steel

    Kate people,
    It’s finally here. A day we all could only dream of. Kate Bush Live, sounds amazing, doesn’t it?
    Jesus Christ is rumoured to be coming back for this one !!!

  2. len

    Good luck, tonight and every night!!

    Because break a’ leg is just wrong. 😉

  3. kate im with you in spirit god bless from john spence

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