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The KT Fellowship present ….

From the programme from Kate’s opening night.


Tea time Newsbits update


“This has been such an adventure”


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    Mingus 42


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    looks amazing from john spence

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    I can hardly contain myself. So much so, that I first tried to type this comment in the Name field.

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    This is incredible!!! Kate looks so great! Can’ believe this is happening. I keep this beautiful impression but won’t have a Look at any Posting until i will be there myself end of September. Thank u all for keeping us informed. Enjoy this magic time and weeks…

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    Is that photo of her at the piano inside of the programme? Or did someone sneak a photo?

    Is her piano on the right side of the stage?

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    Any idea how much the programme costs? I am planning how many pounds to get upon my arrival.

    Much thanks in advance.

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