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That special Christmas present – The HomeGround Anthology 1982-2012

This anthology’s masterstroke … It’s every bit as valuable as an in-depth biography because it dares to go deeper … offering a plethora of insights into this woman’s work.”

Record Collector 4 star review

This is how to reload Kate’s career from the unusual point of view of her fans’ reactions. “Homeground” fanzine provided all sort of documents about the albums, the songs, the public statements of Kate Bush. You’ll find here a collection of interviews, reviews, poems, drawings. Inspirational.”

“What a blessing for a French Kate fan to find all of these things… Especially after the London Eventim Apollo September, 17 show where I had the good fortune to be!!! I found my ”Holy Grail” in this year 2014.”

a fabulous treasure chest of information and memory refreshment...”

what a fan of an artist longs for… full of facts and intricate details, it’s incredible!

These books are a lovingly compiled collection of articles detailing every part of Kate’s unique career and how her music has developed over the years along with how we, the fans, have changed and grown whilst also remaining staunch supporters of her incredible craft and talent. It is a true celebration of the career of arguably the most inspiration British female artist of all time…

A treasure trove of everything Kate, a must have for any true Kate fan...”

Amazon 5 star reviews

Kate Bush ISBN 1861714432 Vol 1 Paperback Cover“For a Kate Bush fan there was nothing more satisfying, other than perhaps Kate herself dropping around for a quick cup of tea, than the arrival of a much awaited issue of HomeGround. Just as the illusion of being the one and only devotee reaches overwhelming heights a surprise package is delivered as a joyous reminder of Kate Bush’s hold over, not just me, but many of us.”

… so Emmy Award winning actor Guy Pearce introduces HomeGround: The Kate Bush Magazine Anthology 1982-2012, a project we have worked on for over five years, and which we are delighted to say, is now available to order.

The first issue of HomeGround appeared in 1982, four years after Kate Bush’s dramatic debut with Wuthering Heights. Starting with an ancient manual typewriter, real scissors and a pot of genuine paste, we mounted articles on recycled backing sheets and added hand-drawn artwork to fill the gaps. The first issue was photocopied, the pages hand-stapled together and twenty-five copies were given away to fans we knew. Only later did we discover the magic of word processing, and then desktop publishing.

From those beginnings HomeGround became a cornerstone of the ‘Kate-speaking world’, going on to co-organise with the official fan club four fan conventions and events at which Kate Bush and members of her family and band appeared; arrange at her request a team of fans to be extras in two of her videos, and organise annual informal fan gatherings on Glastonbury Tor, and at Top Withens, the storm-blown ruin on Haworth Moor thought to be the place which inspired the creation of Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights. Years before the internet, HomeGround became a place where fans could discuss Kate’s music, and a place where they could publish creative writing and artwork inspired by that music.

Kate Bush ISBN 1861714440 Vol 2 Paperback CoverBuilt around the thread of HomeGround’s retracing of the scenes of Kate’s musical career, these unique books include material from over 400 HomeGround contributors from the thirty-year existence of the magazine, and include material inspired by all periods of Kate’s musical progression.

This is a two-volume set published both in hardcover and paperback. Volume 1 covers Kate’s career from the late 1970s to the late 1980s – from before Wuthering Heights to The Sensual World and the box set set This Woman’s Work. Volume 2 covers Kate’s career from the 1990s to date – from The Red Shoes to 2011’s  50 Words for Snow. Both volumes include a detailed Kate timeline and discography and a “who’s who” of people involved in the story.

These volumes also contain a definitive collection of the beautiful Kate-related artwork from professional artists Paulina Stuckey-Cassidy and Steven Brown, the riotous Cosmic Kate graphic stories of Chris Tilley, the Kate-related extemporary photography of Rob Assenberg, Paul Camilleri, and Jules Angel and the work of published poets John Carder Bush, Collin Kelley, Kyla Clay-Fox, Antonello Saeli, and Jeff Side.

Hardcover 648pp: ISBN 9781861714800. Paperback 648pp: ISBN 9781861714794.

Hardcover 568pp: ISBN 9781861714824. Paperback 568pp: ISBN 9781861714817.

The books are available at Amazon UK, Amazon US, and other online booksellers. You can also order by ISBN at any good bookshop. You can also order direct from the publishers Crescent Moon:

Usual Retail Price: Hardcover: £49.99 / $81.99.  Paperback: £34.99 / $57.99.

Direct from the publishers Crescent Moon with free shipping in the UK:

£31.99 (GBP) €37.99 (Euros) $50.99 (USD) $59.99 (AUD) $59.99 (CAD)

£47.99 (GBP) €55.99 (Euros) $74.99 (USD) $86.49 (AUD) $86.49 (CAD)

If buying direct from Crescent Moon you can pay by cheque, money order bank transfer or in the UK or US by PayPal.

If buying direct from Crescent Moon you can take advantage of a special deal if you are purchasing both volumes:

£59.99 (GBP) €71.99 (Euros) $95.99 (USD) $109.99 (AUD) $109.99 (CAD)

£89.99 (GBP) €107.99 (Euros) $143.99 (USD) $165.49 (AUD) $165.49 (CAD)

P.O. Box 1312, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 5XU, Great Britain

Tel: 01622-729593 (UK)
01144-1622-729593 (from the US)
0044-1622-729593 (from Europe)


We hope very much that you will enjoy these volumes and that you will let us know what you think.

Krys, Peter, Dave

The HomeGround Anthology is reviewed here: |Modern Confessional|Labyrinths of Words|Prog Magazine|Anti-Music|Tea and Sympathy|Record Collector|


Before the Dawn merchandise now available to pre-order on Kate’s site


Video: John Carder Bush discusses the new edition of ‘Cathy’


  1. Congratulations! So happy to see this officially announced! And now I can’t wait for Christmas!

  2. Brilliant!!… Finally you have it done!!…
    Huge congrats to all of you for your dedication to realize this enormous project..
    You should all be very proud of yourselves…

  3. Fanch

    Amazing work ! Springtime is there…. fantastic! ^^ 😉

  4. I’m so glad to see this. I love you Kate.

  5. Graham Dombkins

    Fantastic effort to all. Christmas has come early this year.

  6. Just wishing everyone at Homeground all the best with the newborn creatures!
    It is such a big honour for me to be part of it all. Thank you for giving my verse such rewarding attention and recognition. And a huge thank you to John, Del and Kate for always being supportive and extremely encouraging through all these years. With much love.

  7. Blackbird Braille

    Congratulations! What a fantastic achievement for all involved.

  8. nur hidayat agus s

    very good and exitedly…

    • nur hidayat agus s

      selamat and congrutalation of home ground by kate bush on march 2014.

  9. Mark

    It looks like just volume one is available on for now.

  10. Mike Wade

    Fantastic! So pleased it is finally here. A labour of love, and a long long journey for all of us since those early days with the photocopier in the early 1980s! I love that we are all still here 30 years after. Thank you Peter, Krys and Dave, and to ALL the “Fancies”; “Fish People” and “Love Hounds” …and of course to Del, for his ongoing support to the fans….and most of all to Kate. Big big hugs all round. Mike xxxx

  11. Kieron Moore

    About time! 😉

  12. quanecare

    I’ve had this on my Amazon wishlist so long – it’s so good for me now how I kept my old KBC and Homeground books – fab to get them all together

  13. Collin Kelley

    I’m so proud to be included in the anthology, and I’m proud of Peter, Krys and Dave for persevering and getting these books out into the world for the fans to enjoy. It truly is the biggest book of dreams you could every imagine. 🙂

  14. Ricardo

    how great! i’ve been looking forward to this for quite a long time now.

    I’m a “new” Kate Bush fan from Spain (I was born in 1986 and didn’t find out about Kate’s music until the release of Director’s Cut) so this will be my very first Homeground magazine that I will read or own.

    I can’t wait until more than 1000 pages of Kate related material get home so I can soak it in

    thank you so much for all the hard work to everyone involved

  15. Mingus 42

    Wonderful news. Thank you so much to all involved.

  16. James

    You may want to update the payment information for Crescent Moon – according to an email received from them, they are sadly not accepting payment via PayPal…

    “Thanks for your enquiry.
    The hardback editions will be available by Tuesday.
    The paperbacks are now available.
    We prefer payments via cheque or bank transfer (a.k.a. wire transfer or BACS).”

    • The Crescent Moon site says this:

      Pay by Paypal
      Email us or call with your email address, and we will send you a Paypal invoice; you can pay by credit/ debit card, your Paypal account, etc. (Tel: 01622-729593 (from the UK). 01144-1622-729593 (from the USA). 0044-1622-729593 (from other territories)

      They will be having PayPal buttons soon.

      • James

        Peter, I did send Crescent Moon an email requesting payment by PayPal for both books in hardback (as they request on their site), but no Paypal invoice was sent, just the above message. Not even a mention of paying by credit card over the phone – just cheque or bank transfer.

        Maybe I’m jumping the gun and should wait another week or two to see if they get this sorted out. But surely they would have said ‘PayPal will be an option very soon.’

        • James – we have spoken to the publisher and PayPal is an option as Ian confirms. Suggest you get back to them and quote the message from the website. I know others have also suceesfully paid by PayPal.

          • Ian

            Slightly clunky, there’s no paypal ‘button’: email them with the email address that you use for Paypal, and exactly what you’d like to order. Then check your Paypal inbox, send a message back to send payment, but in the notes to merchant section, let them know your postal address. I know. I ordered directly through the publisher in the hope that they may get a little more money than ordering through Amazon.

          • James

            Thanks Peter, and Ian.

            An updated email from CM now acknowledges Paypal as an option, but with a surcharge, and the free shipping promised earlier is now only for the UK and USA. What the shipping charge will be I’m still waiting to hear, but for others in the same boat, it might be a better option shoppping around first.

            I can only presume, but CM may underestimated the demand, which is only a good thing in the end.

      • Kai Karkkainen

        I would have liked to order the hardback editions from Crescent Moon, but that seems to be impossible. I live in Finland, so I sent them an email inquiry about the shipping charges. I had to wait almost a week for a reply, but I finally received one. I then decided to order the books and I requested a Paypal invoice. That was more than two weeks ago and I haven’t heard anything from Crescent Moon since then. I have been very surprised to find that they have no interest in doing business with me and very disappointed that I won’t be able to get hold of your books 🙁

        • Hello Kai,

          I’ll have a word with the publisher and see what is going on.

          • Kai Karkkainen

            Hello Peter,

            and thanks for your help. I have now received a PayPal invoice and paid it. Can’t wait for the books to arrive 🙂

          • That’s good Kai. Hope you enjoy the books!

  17. Ian

    I paid by paypal today with no problems.

  18. Ian

    PayPal buttons now added. Direct link:

  19. James

    Just an update – these beautiful books arrived today, so thanks to all involved in this major project.

    Of some minor interest, these copies were pressed and posted from here in Australia, about an hour’s drive away from where I live. Yet, Crescent Moon asked for postage (the offer was initailly free) due to the heavy weight of the books being sent from the UK. I don’t mind paying postage, but it’s a tad insulting that they couldn’t be honest about it.

    • James – we understood that the only post charge would be within Australia. How much did you get charged?

      • James

        Hi Peter,

        Post and paypal charges were an extra $12. Again, I have no problem in paying for post, but just wished C.M. were more honest and direct in their response and handling of the order.

        Thanks again for all the time and effort in that has gone into this publication. I could never really afford to subscribe to Homeground in the early 80s, so what money there was went to the singles and LPs, then CDs. An occasional long read at the local import record shop was the closest I could get (even then it was costing around $25 an issue here! Damn this cuurrency of ours!). So it’s great to have these books now.

        Hard to believe I’ll be making the trek with a friend in September to see two shows, after all this time. So many of our dreams are coming true at the moment, it’s incredible.

  20. Stephen Allenby

    I received my hardback copies but they were not in slip cases as I had expected. will they be arriving separately does anyone know?

    • Hello Stephen. The books do not have slip cases. We did investigate the possibility but didn’t go for it in the end as we did not want to increase the price.

  21. Ian Macdonald

    My copies of the books arrived today. They are really beautifully made and something to treasure for years to come.

    Very well done to the people who conceived and produced them.

  22. giulio

    I received my hardcovers copies yesterday.
    The look very ”robust” and it’s a pleasure to read them.
    Pity the inner photos are all black and white but I presume
    it would have cost a fortune to print colour photos…

    • Stephen

      I was like you a little disappointed there were no colour photos but after all it’s comes down to cost. I would have liked to have slip cases to protect my hardback books I guess if enough people ask maybe some kind person at Crescent publishing will agree and arrange for them to be offered for sale please.

      • I have asked the publisher whether these can be provided as an add-on item.

        • Stephen

          Thanks Peter, I am sure a lot of purchasers would like to protect our investments with slip cases the design opportunities are enormous I may have to make my own as a stop gap until/if covers are made available. I love the content reading through them slowly so as the enjoyment lasts even longer.

  23. Renaud

    Ordered volume 1 on Amazon but there is no mention of volume 2. When will it be available ?

  24. l percy

    I’ve had my copies a few weeks and i just want to say what a fab job you have done on them plus my name is in them as my question to del is included!

  25. davidly

    Congratulations and excellent work, everybody!

  26. Harry Horton

    Kate Bush is on the cover of Classic Pop Magazine issue 11. THis is somewhere around the May- June 2014 edition. THere is a page within the magazine with a photo of her and the title Running up that Hill on the page.. Check out the Classic Pop Magazine web site and more info flashes up.

  27. Renaud

    Sincere congratulations to everyone at HG Towers for their hard and long-term work on the anthology. It was definitely worth it !

  28. Sky

    I received my treasured volumes with a strange delight! Such a body of work; I’m rediscovering stories, letters and artwork I had forgotten about but which once rediscovered seem as fresh as the day I first saw them. Since many of my early copies of HG have gone missing in various house moves, it’s wonderful to have this beautiful collection. Thank you so much for this labour of love. Apart from anything else, a reference work for people in the future researching Kate and her music.

    • Thankyou for those kind comments Sky. If these volumes give pleasure their intention is achieved.

  29. neil

    Rolf Harris verdict …….reminds me ‘Heads were dancing’

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