A section of Kate’s Hello Earth (not sung by Kate) and an extended instrumental version of the song was played during today’s opening ceremony of the 2018 Commonwealth Games at the Carrara Stadium in Gold Coast, Australia.

The famous Australian actor, Jack Thompson, stands in the middle of the arena, holding a small illuminated globe, sharing a message of unity as the instrumental music of Hello Earth soundtracks his narration.

Home. That’s where we live. From here, you can’t see any borders. No barriers built to divide us, no people on different sides. All that we are, and have been, and can be, all that we value, all that we love, all our memories and stories, our hopes and our dreams, the best, and the worst, of us – is here, on that tiny grain of rock. From here there’s no sound of our quarrels, no voices in conflict, no people at war. From here it seems, we’re all the same, not drifting apart, but all connected. No sign of ‘Other’ – only Sister and Brother. No ‘You’, or ‘Me’ – just ‘We’. From here, all that we see is all that we share: Shining, fragile, awesome… …our island home in a cosmic sea.

The globe is placed in sand, nesting like a turtle’s egg, before exploding out to reveal a pretty awesome shifting visualisation of the earth.