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The Kate Bush Fan Podcast: New Episode! Introducing the Bush Telegraph

In this new episode (yes, it’s been…ahem…a while), Seán introduces the first of a new series of fan chats. Paul Thomas and Darrell Babidge, friends for 40 years, reminisce and talk about Kate’s music and influence. These “Bush Telegraph” podcast-within-a-podcast episodes hope to cover many topics regarding Kate, including the release of singles and albums, the Kate Bush Club newsletters, conventions, TV appearances, rarities, and visits to the Farm. In this episode we are introduced to Paul and Darrell as they reminisce about their introduction to Kate in 1978, and their experience at the Before The Dawn concerts. Teasers include future plans to talk about a rare test pressing that has not been heard before, and the unique experiences that Paul had with Kate singing and talking to him on his birthdays!

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Paul and Darrell


In Memory of Lindsay Kemp 1938-2018


Kate talks about Lindsay Kemp on BBC Radio 4

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  1. Unreleased pressing?
    Fabulous, can’t wait.
    Podcast not up yet but looking forward to it.
    Thanks Sean x

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