In something of a surprise to us (considering this is an expensive box set containing 7 individual albums) Kate’s Remastered Part 1 CD set has actually entered the official UK album charts at number 51! Perhaps in the digital/streaming age there are new rules governing what qualifies for the album chart now, but this is still very nice to see! Both vinyl box sets (I and II) and Hounds of Love also popped up in last week’s midweek charts on the strength of early sales of the remastered products.

More chart figures for you (with thanks to Matt, chart-wiz over on our site forum!)

UK albums top 100:
Number 51 – Remastered 1. (CD box set) 2634 sales

UK vinyl chart
Number 7 – Remastered in vinyl volume 1
Number 9 – Remastered in vinyl volume 2
Number 10 – Hounds of Love
Number 14 – The Red Shoes
Number 26 – The Kick Inside
Number 39 – The Sensual World

UK Physical Chart (CDs & vinyl)
Number 33 – Remastered 1 (CD box set)
Number 61 – Hounds of Love
Number 69 – Remastered in Vinyl volume 1
Number 73 – Remastered in vinyl volume 2
Number 89 – The Red Shoes
Number 93 – The Kick Inside