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Kate’s charity Pop Up Shop opens to queues of fans in London!

Some photos from this morning’s opening at 10am of the Kate Bush Remastered Pop Up in Coal Drops Yard, London! An actual Kate Bush shop exists on the planet! Well, for 5 days anyway. Try to get down there, pick up your Kate Bush swag and help raise funds for the homelessness charity, Crisis!

From what we hear there’s a whole NEW range of Kate Bush Remastered merchandise, with imagery from different albums, including (deep breath): T-Shirts at £25 each – including How To Be Invisible (book logo), The Kate Bush Remastered logo (with an Aerial-esque soundwave made up of all of Kate’s song titles – it’s gorgeous!), The Red Shoes t-shirt, The Sensual World t-shirt, Never For Ever t-shirt. There’s a set of 4 coasters with Fish People vinyl labels on them for £12, a set of 4 badges for £10,  gorgeous mugs are £10 each, including a stunning Never For Ever mug, a Fish People mug and a Red Shoes mug. Also on sale are 50 Words For Snow Christmas Cards, 50 Words For Snow AND December Will Be Magic Again Christmas Tree Baubles which are £20 each, PLUS posters, hoodies, remastered vinyl, remastered CDs, Kate’s How To Be Invisible book (with limited edition bookmark), and various limited prints on display to tie in with Kate Bush Remastered! Phew. Get down there!!

Daily raffle prizes include: 10 x How to Be Invisible regular edition books, signed by Kate, 10 x Calligraphic 50 Words For Snow art prints, signed by Kate, 4 x King of the Mountain picture discs (unsigned) and 16 x Running Up That Hill RSD picture discs (unsigned). This presentation print below is available to buy, for €7,000!

Signed BTD sold out poster

More details on the pop up, including location and opening times, here.

Your swag comes in a bag!

Day 1 open


The Irish Times on Kate’s literary inspirations as her book is released


How To Be Invisible, Kate’s book of lyrics, released today!


  1. Gabi Smith

    that so cool,.. Kate has a huge heart <3 what a great idea ,.. looks like a lot a fun,..

  2. Melvyn

    That’s cool. Do you know if there’s a way to buy something if you can’t get to the pop-up store?

    • We are hearing that unsold stock may well be offered on Kate’s online store, but I couldn’t say whether profits will continue to be for Crisis – hence the focus for these 5 days in the physical shop drive. We’ll keep everyone posted on what we hear.

  3. Jeffary Fudge

    Canada is too far to shop. Hoping left over stock gets put up on website with a donate option.
    And T-shirt’s are available in 2XL for Canadian fans!!!

    • We are hearing that unsold stock may well be offered on Kate’s online store, but since the pop up shop profits are for the Crisis charity, there’s a focus for these 5 days in the physical shop drive. We’ll keep everyone posted on what we hear.

      • David England

        Nice to see Dave there this morning but who were the other photographers with their HUGE lenses?
        Sean, you may recall I posted a message to you wishing the imagery from the vinyl box sets (TD & TSW especially) were available as lithographic prints… well wadya know – they were there in the shop. Alas not for sale. However, the lovely staff told me they’re going to be on Kate’s website. Don’t know when though?

  4. Russ

    Unless this is a travelling pop up shop (which would make sense), I’m unable to participate.
    Shame Kate is so London-centric. There are other parts of Britain, really there are…

  5. Alan

    Great idea and great effort but I live in Dublin ? we’ll dine to all who’ve purchased some great stuff there and good cause too! Please have some online afterwards!

  6. Thom Breslin

    Got vinyl, book and baubles. Great that Crisis will benefit. How are the raffle results announced?

  7. Helene

    Wish you could do mail order too….there’s a lot of country outside of London?

  8. Cor

    I am so jealous of all of you who have been able (or are able) to go there. Good to see that the good cause is supported so well (sad to be not there).

  9. Keith

    Great idea but it’s a shame that, like so many things in the UK, it is London only. Could have travelled today but would have been an expensive day out with no guarantee of anything i would want to purchase.

  10. David England

    Ha! I’ve just seen myself (well, a tiny bit of my forehead, nose and hand) in the seventh photo above.
    Still no sign of the promised Lithographic prints though either in main Fish people Store or Online Pop-Up Store.

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