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Before the Dawn podcast is here! Part 1 of three-part series on Kate’s phenomenal shows!

Before the Dawn - cast photo

It’s here! I’ve finally uploaded Part 1 of this long-promised three-episode series of podcasts about Kate’s extraordinary, phenomenal return to the stage in 2014’s Before the Dawn shows. In this first episode, I trace the origins of Kate’s live comeback through the initial concept, rehearsals, massive media coverage, ticket frenzy and right up till opening night…

It was a lot of work to put together, so I really hope you enjoy this and that it brings back a lot of memories of that incredible year! You can subscribe to the Kate Bush Fan Podcast on iTunes or on any podcast app you happen to use, such as Stitcher or Tunein or listen below on Soundcloud.


Kate’s 1979 Tour – it’s been 40 Years!


Before the Dawn Podcast – Part 2 – The Show!


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    mark statham

    Can anyone please tell me if Kate is ever going to live up to her promise to release the live shows on dvd / b’ray

    • Avatar


      Yes, I can. She never promised to release any of the shows on dvd or blueray, but did reply to a question regarding such a release implying none was planned for the foreseeable future.

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    Thanks so much for the Soundcloud, Seán!

  3. Avatar

    Ed Downey

    Fantastic Sean -really brought back memories. Especially worrying myself sick that I wouldn’t be able to get a ticket. Looking forward to part 2.

  4. Avatar

    Philip Rock

    Thank you Sean for all the podcasts. I always listen to them whenever I see that a new one has been made. I really appreciate your enthusiasm and knowledge of Kates work. Thank you for all the time and trouble and sheer hard work and dedication that goes into recording them. From a fellow Kate fan and listener.

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    Paul Kenefick

    One of the best podcasts I’ve heard. You’ve managed to bring all the excitement back, so thank you so much Sean, for all you hard work.

  6. Avatar

    Thomas Jones

    I could listen all night Sean 😎brilliant podcast- looking forward to the next two ✨

  7. Avatar

    David England

    Just left a message on Soundcloud. I should have just returned here…. Thank you so much Sean, that was an absolute joy to listen to. I actually shed an actual tear as I remembered the emotions that rushed throughout 2014. It was such an exceptional year. I graduated and on my 50th birthday was proposed to. To then get to see Kate 35 years after the Liverpool Empire gig was just sublime. You’ve brought it all back, Thank You. Big Love DX

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    Hi Sean,

    I recently sunbathed in my garden in SE London and listened to all 3 episodes. I dug out my ticket and my programme from the tour and recently bought the live vinyl! I still tear up at ‘Morning Fog’ and ‘Cloudbusting’

    It was a truly surreal experience to of been able to witness the shows, truly magical and these podcasts made my heart flutter with excitement all over again!

    Great work!

    Will Glastonbury’s 50th anniversary next year will manage to get Kate I wonder?


    • Seán

      Ah thanks, Lee – that’s great to hear! The feedback on the BTD episodes has been amazing, cheers. Obviously no idea about Glastonbury, unlikely I’d say!

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