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Kate Bush Fan Podcast – The Trio Bulgarka and Kate!

Kate’s work with the exquisite, breathtaking, Trio Bulgarka from Bulgaria remains one of the outstanding collaborations of her career to date. Seán has wanted to feature them in a special podcast episode for a long while now, and here he explores how Bulgarian singing started to be discovered by the world in the 1980s and how Kate met and recorded incredible music with Yanka, Eva and Stoyanka on two of her albums!

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Trio Bulgarka and Kate

Kate and Yanka

Kate and the Trio


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  1. Gabriella

    i enjoyed listing Sean .. and very interesting to,. the Trio Bulgarka are lovely voice … beautiful that Kate had their talent in her music to make more speacil and delightful,.

    • That’s great to hear Gabi! They are beautiful voices, aren’t they? Thanks for the message, so glad you enjoyed the episiode! x

  2. Yvon Loiselle

    I have always been fascinated by the voices of Bulgarian women. I’d seen an early report on American television in the late 1980s. Shortly after seeing that doc, the album Le mystère des voix bulgares appeared on shelves of all the record stores near me.

    Initially, I perceived Kate’s decision to include Trio Bulgarka as somewhat exploiting this gem. After listening innumerable times, I grew to love the power and female sensuality that permeated the 2 albums she had done with them.

    Thank you for providing in-depth knowledge and archives of the trio and of Kate. This solidifies my experience of this otherworldly vocal tradition.

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