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Kate debuted Before the Dawn 6 years ago today…

Opening night of Before the Dawn was utterly unforgettable, this day six years ago on August 26th 2014. I documented Kate’s amazing return to the live stage in a three-part podcast series which you can listen to below.

BEFORE THE DAWN Podcast Part 1 – The Dream Begins...

In this first episode, I trace the origins of Kate’s live comeback through the initial concept, rehearsals, massive media coverage, ticket frenzy and right up till opening night…

BEFORE THE DAWN Podcast Part 2 – The Show!

This 90-minute episode takes the listener right through her opening night performance on 26th August 2014, song-by-song, capturing the atmosphere, describing the on-stage action and celebrating one of the greatest returns to live performance in music history!

BEFORE THE DAWN Podcast Part 3 – Kate’s Triumph

The run of 22 shows begins! In this final Before the Dawn episode – all the excitement, ecstatic reviews, historic album chart success, celebrity attendees, awards, acclaim and the live album are all discussed in detail as Seán revisits the impact and lasting legacy of Before The Dawn….he even takes you for a browse through the merch stall. Enjoy!


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  1. Leonard Heanes

    I have recently bought the cd of the show, I just wish the show had been filmed so we could all enjoy Kate’s return.

    • MJH

      Was it really never marketed as a DVD or stream? That’s incredible.

    • Mell

      It was filmed ( twice I believe) but sadly it just has never been released. There are thousands of us that would love to relive the moment and share with others that didn’t get there.

  2. I am 65 years young this year and have loved Kate for more than 40 years greatest wish is to see her perform which probably will never happen. So wish Before the Dawn was recorded so that I could see this magical piece. I have listened to the CD over and over and can only imagine the wonder of it all.

  3. Colin

    Kate, being the consummate perfectionist is assumed by many to have not been entirely happy with the resulting video taken over 2 nights or simply has not been able to edit it in a way that she’s happy with. It was such an incredibly theatrical show with visuals completely suited to video that it is a shame if may never see the light of day. Hen again, I never ever thought she’d again do a live show so one never knows! Until then, it’ll remain magical imagery in my memory.

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