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Out Now: “I Wanna Be Kate” tribute album is back after 22 years!

I Wanna Be Kate - The Songs of Kate Bush - Remastered & Expanded
“Two-Headed Hummingbird” by Gail Potocki features on the cover of the new album

22 years ago in 1998 I was reporting on this very site about the launch of the world’s first ever Kate Bush tribute album, being recorded and produced in Chicago, USA. Today, it’s re-released as I Wanna Be Kate: The Songs of Kate Bush Remastered & Expanded. Kate was so touched by the album when it was first released that she wrote Thomas a lovely note of thanks and wrote the words “I Wanna Be Thomas” on the back of the envelope. The album now consists of 24 tracks, including 7 brand new recordings – all sounding gorgeous thanks to the remastering work of Liam Davis in Chicago. Orders for the album on Bandcamp have been very strong. Here is the tracklisting of the 2020 remastered and expanded album:

  1. The Aluminum Group – L’Amour Looks Something Like You (2020 Remaster) 04:46
  2. Susan Voelz – The Sensual World (2020 Remaster) 04:16
  3. The Moviegoers – Hounds Of Love (2020 Remaster) 04:51
  4. Syd Straw – The Man With The Child In His Eyes (2020 Remaster) 03:12
  5. The J. Davis Trio – There Goes A Tenner (2020 Remaster) 05:07
  6. Nora O’Connor – The Saxophone Song (2020 Remaster) 05:15
  7. Justin Roberts – You’re The One (2020 Remaster) 04:50
  8. Mouse – Coffee Homeground (2020 Remaster) 04:56
  9. Catherine Smitko – Jig Of Life (2020 Remaster) 04:08
  10. Victoria Storm – The Kick Inside (2020 Remaster) 04:12
  11. The Baltimores – Running Up That Hill (2020 Remaster) 03:27
  12. Diamond Jim Greene – Home For Christmas (2020 Remaster) 03:42
  13. My Scarlet Life – Suspended In Gaffa (2020 Remaster) 03:36
  14. The Plunging Necklines – Kashka From Baghdad/Babooshka (2020 Remaster) 05:08
  15. Trinkets Of Joy – Love And Anger (2020 Remaster) 04:19
  16. Thomas Negovan – And Dream Of Sheep (2020 Remaster) 06:32
  17. Tom Dunning & Your Boyfriends – Not This Time (2020 Remaster) 05:01
  18. Butterfly Child – Top Of The City 04:56
  19. Zapruder Point – You Want Alchemy 03:33
  20. Yules – Cloudbusting 04:37
  21. Tristan an Arzhig – Joanni 06:03
  22. Grimeland – Among Angels (Live in Denmark) 05:43
  23. Michael Ross – A Coral Room 05:18
  24. Tom Dunning & Your Boyfriends – Nocturn (feat. Carol Keogh) 08:22
Limited edition vinyl is also available to order at Bandcamp here:

Producer Thomas Dunning has made the 7 newly recorded tracks (along with his own remastered recording of Not This Time) available as a limited edition 8-track EP on translucent aqua coloured vinyl – a gorgeous way to showcase the newer tracks AND all orders of the vinyl come with a full download of the entire 24-track digital album. Warm congratulations to Thomas and all the artists involved, both then and now – an amazing achievement. You can read all about the album at the brand new website:



I Wanna Be Kate – Remastered and Expanded tribute album!


Kate becomes a Fellow of The Ivors Academy!

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  1. Thanks very much for all your support Seán! I couldn’t have done this without you.

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