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Kate Bush by Trevor Leighton

Photographer Trevor Leighton posts unseen Kate photo

Kate has worked with famed British photographer, Trevor Leighton, on a couple of occasions, most recently in 2014 to announce her Before the Dawn concerts with a memorable shot. Today on his instagram account he has posted a gorgeous backlight studio photo that looks to us like one from the 2005 Aerial sessions, based on Kate’s outfit. UPDATE: Trevor has confirmed to a fan that the photo was taken in 2005 as part of the Aerial sessions (thanks James). Suitably wintry for this time of year, thanks Trevor!


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  1. David England

    I love this. I would also really like to see a high definition version of the photo in traditional Tibetan costume which I think may have been published in an Irish Newspaper but copies online are really small and grainy. Maybe Kate was concerned about being accused of cultural appropriation but hey, as a promo shot for Wild Man, it would have been sublime.

  2. sincla

    in fact, i’d rather connect this photo to a 50wfs 2011 session…

  3. Laura Webb

    Your Beauty is beyond words.
    Age isn’t a factor in your world.

    You Are Beauty ????????

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