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Remembering our friend, Lise Gerrard

Lise Gerrard, 30th July 1983 in Regent’s Park, London after having visited East Wickham Farm with gifts and cards for Kate’s birthday. Photo: Sky Boswell.

We are all reeling from the news that our friend, Kate Bush fan Lise Gerrard has died. A remarkable person, and passionate fan, Lise coped with mounting health issues for a number of years with great humour and determination. Two of her close friends and fellow Kate Bush fans, Paul and Sky, pay tribute below. We send our sincerest condolences out to her son Noah, her parents, her family and friends.

Lise Gerrard with Lindsay Kemp (centre) and Paul Thomas, Sept 2016

Paul Thomas: Mementos of Pleasure – a tribute to Lise Gerrard

There are advantages to being a hoarder. I would much rather hear “good job you kept that” instead of “what a shame you threw that out”. Our dear friend Lise has left behind a mountain of mementos for me. Old concert and train tickets, bundles of postcards and letters, all in her beautiful, distinctive handwriting, and hundreds and hundreds of photographs. Then there are all the gifts she bought me- vinyls, CDs, books, T shirts and Christmas tree decorations. These now serve as mementos of a special friendship that spanned 5 decades. I am so pleased I kept them all and when I look through them next I know memories will flood through my mind like a film projection.

Recounting all those wonderful times. The many nights out, parties, concerts, the photo-booths, getting the milk train after keeping each other awake at a London train station. Then there are all the memories connected to Kate Bush, who essentially was responsible for us knowing each other in the first place. Holding hands with each other whilst Kate performed “Breathing” live at a Comic Relief benefit gig in 1986, the visits to the farm and sharing tea with Kate and other members of the Bush family during the 80s (especially with Kate’s dear mother). And more recently, Guido Harari’s book launch where Lise was thrilled to meet Guido as well as one of her idols, Lindsay Kemp. There are many special people in my life that I may not have met if it wasn’t for Lise. She seemed to be a linchpin for many friendships. Lise was very well known and loved not just within the Kate Bush fan community but many other communities too, where she left her mark with her wit and kindness.

We met when we were teenagers, the age when we start discovering things about the world around us, thinking how grown up we are when in fact we were babies and so green about everything. Our friendship was built upon the love of the same music, primarily Kate but also Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, Joni Mitchell and more recently Father John Misty. We also had many other things in common, including a similar sense of humour and a love of animals. She was easy to talk to, compassionate, funny and so very kind, traits that have been inherited by her beloved son, Noah. I know she was loved by so many and leaves a huge hole in our lives but we should be grateful that we knew Lise, our crazy, beautiful friend. I am sure she feels this outpouring of love from wherever she is now.

Just one more thing, “Love you more” – I win.

Lise Gerrard with Sky Boswell

Sky Boswell: Lise was the most selfless person I ever knew.  Despite her many challenges in recent years she never moaned about her lot, and endured with patience, grace and an extraordinarily resilient sense of humour.  She was one of a core group of close friends who met and bonded over our shared love of Kate’s music in the early 1980s when, like the almost-children we still were, we all thought we would live forever.  In her healthy times we shared so much fun and laughter and, thankfully, I have wonderful memories and lots of photos of her and of us together.  She was an utterly unique and amazing person, incredibly witty and funny, strong, sincere, kind, generous and selfless.  I can’t get my head around the fact that she has gone from this world.  Goodnight, darling Lise. I will miss you so much but I’ll see you again some day.

[Note: Below is Lise’s contribution to the Record Collector Presents Kate Bush magazine published in November 2020 – you can download a larger PDF of this article here]


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  1. Sky Boswell

    Thank you for posting the beautiful Record Collector item, Sean. Hearing Lise in her own words is so precious. xxxx

  2. Thomas

    Heartbreaking and beautiful x ?our sincere condolences and love to Lise’s family friends and Kate Mates ?x

  3. David Brown

    Truly beautiful words for a beautiful life. Lise we miss you dearly. dbx

  4. Sky Vibes

    I’m extremely saddened by this news. I never met Lise in person but have known her for a long time as firstly a youtube subscriber to my channel and latterly as a Facebook friend. From the numerous conversations I had with her over the years I could never have guessed that she was battling health wise against so much as she was so full of life and enthusiasm. Of course once I did find out about her problems I was amazed and full of admiration for her fortitude and positivity in the face of such a mountain of adversity. I can still vividly remember Lise ringing me so full of excitement to tell me to keep it to myself but that Kate was performing some concerts and that if I wanted a ticket to “keep my eyes peeled” and get in there as soon as they were formally announced, which I did! I hope she’s found some peace now. Thanks for posting this tribute, katebushnews, Sky & Paul.

  5. Ger traets

    Such a great loss ,, i have also good memories of Lise,,
    ThXx Sky and Paul for your kind words,,
    Heaven has given a great STAR ,,,named LISE GERRARD,,?
    She will be very missed .
    All the love Lise,,?

  6. Gabi

    Paul and Sky .. your message from heart and mind and soul,.. Lise sprit will be forever alive in us <3 <3 thankyou much love <3 <3 ..

  7. Karen du Plessis

    I’m shocked and heartbroken at the loss of Lise. My deepest condolences to Noah, Lise’s parents and all her family and friends. Rest well, Lise , under the ivy. You will be missed my dear friend xxx

  8. Claire Hardy

    Lovely tribute I knew Lise on line for many years and then I had the pleasure of meeting her in the swan before the opening night of BTD.

  9. John Roger

    So glad I got to meet her in person at Guido Harari’s book launch since I live in a different hemisphere. Will be missed!

  10. Belinda francis

    Beautiful tributes for dear lise ?. She was a wonderful kind generous lady. So helpful to me during our chats about our health issues. I will be forever grateful to her ?. She always had time to chat especially about kate and collecting. Always popping in a little kate surprise when posting anything to me. Loved her for it. She is missed by many and always will be All the love to you Lise xxx

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