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Kate nominated (yet again) for Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Kate Rock and roll nomination

The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in the USA has revealed its nominees for the Class of 2022, including, once again, Kate Bush. As we know there’s a fan vote (which has a slight impact) and we also know it seems very much dependant on a USA-centric vote situation and our guess is it seems unlikely Kate will be inducted if she decides not to attend the actual ceremony.

A body of more than 1,000 artists, industry members and historians will help decide which five acts out of the 17 will progress into the final round of induction consideration. Fans also have the chance to contribute to the selection process by voting every day here or at the museum in Cleveland, Ohio here. The Rock Hall’s rule is that an act must have released their first commercial recording 25 years earlier than the year of the nomination.

Five acts will then be tallied among the other ballots to ultimately decide the Class of 2022. You can visit to cast a ballot daily. Fans will need to login to vote. Voting is capped at one ballot per day.

Kate’s nomination has been summarised as follows: “Her radical experimentation with lush soundscapes, literary themes, sampling, and theatricality have inspired everyone from Johnny Rotten to Björk to Big Boi.” Nominees in 2022 (asterisk indicates first time nominees) are as follows:

Pat Benatar
Kate Bush
Duran Duran*
Judas Priest
Fela Kuti
New York Dolls
Dolly Parton*
Rage Against the Machine
Lionel Richie*
Carly Simon*
A Tribe Called Quest*
Dionne Warwick


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  1. Jane Mills

    Kate Bush

    • Penelope Doherty

      Kate Bush is a most amazing musician and has created some of the most influential and innovative tracks.Her beautiful voice and fabulous melodies are still creating new fans my daughter Emma to name one born in 2001.I am delighted to have been listening toKate since I was daughter’ s age now.

  2. Mickilus

    its about time thirs is a charm they say and dame kate is perfect for this

  3. Julia

    I love Kate Bush well deserved to be inducted to Rock n roll hall of fame!

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