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Kate updates Fish People logo with label move news!

Interesting news this lunchtime, Kate’s official Fish People site and social media channels have been updated with a brand new logo design. The logo has been designed by Timorous Beasties who previously designed the Between Two Worlds sea/sky artwork for the Before The Dawn concert programme which later also featured on the Remastered CD box sets. (UPDATE: her site now also features some wonderfully hidden fishy secrets – see bottom of this post!) The updates come as she announces via her official site that from March 1st 2023 she is moving her album catalogue from Warner Music Group over to The state51 Conspiracy with the following albums:

The Dreaming
Hounds of Love
The Sensual World
The Red Shoes
Directors Cut
50 Words For Snow
The Kick Inside (USA only)
Lionheart (USA only)
Never For Ever (USA only)

New Fish People logo merch from Kate’s official store

Kate will be re-releasing the Hounds of Love album in special presentations of vinyl and CD later in the year. A brand new range of Fish People merchandise featuring the new logo design has also been launched, including a soon to be released jigsaw, vinyl slipmats and aprons! The news item finishes with this note: “Fish People continue to have an ongoing positive relationship with WMG.” You can read more about The state51 Conspiracy here.

UPDATE: Kate is clearly having a lot of fun with this business refresh! Be sure to click on the “O” of the word PEOPLE on the new logo on the landing page of – it will reveal some wonderful, cryptic Fish People secrets! FISHY SPOILERS BELOW

From the hidden section behind Kate’s new logo :

Fish People were a civilisation which became lost around 900 BC. Little is known about them other than they walked out from the seas onto the land one day when no-one was looking. It is believed that they were centuries ahead of their time. Their culture was not defined by wealth or social status and they abolished all violence as they believed in the harmony of nature and the equality of all oceans. 

Their mystical language was thought to originate from The Tethys Trench. They could speak simultaneously to all aquatic creatures and to most of the humans in the Western Hemisphere. There were certain frequencies in their language that could only be understood by small crustaceans and very young children.

The full meaning of where their distinctive letterforms came from, has been lost. Many believe that these originated from the complex migrational paths of birds and a cellular-level understanding of the underwater mammals that had moved around them.

Fish People were said to have walked back into the seas one night when everyone was having dinner and it was foretold that they would again return to land when their teachings would be needed to heal a wounded world.


The Kick Inside released 45 years ago today!


Kate donates signed CD singles to charity auction!


  1. Alice Dennett

    Beautifully artistic. I hope they return soon, we are in desperate need of their message now. It appears that history does repeat itself.

  2. Tracey

    Just so beautiful xx I hope aĺ artists will take note . Then everyone can take note xxx

  3. messager1

    Don’t know which Fish people Kate has in mind, but certainly there were the Apkallu. According to ancient Sumerian mythology there were seven Apkallu; Uanna, Uannedugga, Enmedugga, Enmegalamma, Enmebulugga, An-Enlilda, and Utuabzu. Some were described as being part fish, and also coming from the sea. The first one being Uanna (other names Oannes/Adapa), also likely the same person as the biblical Adam. The remaining six Apkallu look similar to descendants of Adam, those being Seth, Enosh, Cainan, Mahaleleel, Jared, and Enoch. Similarly like the sixth Apkallu Utuabzu that was said to have ascended to heaven, Enoch the sixth generation of Adam, was also said to have ascended to heaven. The Apkallu were considered sages and advisors to the rulers the Anunnaki, which if one is to understand the books of Enoch, were likely the “fallen ones”. In other words corrupted beings that wanted to dominate but probably were not powerful enough to get rid of Uanna/Adam and his descendants. The Anunnaki presented themselves as gods, but to keep things in perspective, even if they may have had knowledge from beyond, they did not know enough about the flood to know when it would happen or how to escape it. Ultimately the big man had his say, to much wrong doing. There is not much to be found between 3200 BC and 5500 BC, all writings of any importance are less than 3200 BC old, some much less even.


    Will there be a new album of songs sometime soon ,it would be wonderful no pressure Kate?

  5. Edouard

    Yes, new music with fish people i,spiration. She seems so passionnate with this mythology… How comes new music is not rushing and flowing from her genius creative soul ??!! Birds, snowflakes and dawns seem so long ago now…

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