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Del Palmer 1952-2024

Photo by Edward Quant – Del playing his “Egly” bass at the Belfast Empire, Nov 25th 2018

We are heartbroken to tell you that Del Palmer passed away at home, yesterday, Friday January 5th, surrounded by his family. Del had dealt with health issues over the last few years and the announcement came today on social media from his niece, Debbii Louise Palmer on behalf of Del’s family. We don’t need to tell anyone out there the monumental role Del has always played in Kate’s work and music – it’s impossible to quantify. As this news sinks in, we will have more to share with you all about our friend Del, and we will be talking much more about his incredible life and career in the coming days as we remember this remarkable musician and wonderful, irreplaceable man.

We extend our deepest sympathies to Del’s family and loved ones, to Kate, to his many friends, and all the people who knew and worked with Del throughout his brilliant career in music. He’ll be so very missed. Rest in peace, Del. You are so loved – Seán, Peter, Krys and Dave x

Update from Kate (10th Jan): Kate has remembered Del on her official site. We again extend our deepest sympathies to you, Kate.


It’s hard to know what to say… He was a big part of my life and my work for many years.

It’s going to take a long time to come to terms with him not being here with us.

He was incredibly creative – talented in lots of different ways. He was a brilliant musician, bass player, a great artist – he was always drawing. Once he covered a whole recording consul in cartoons. It took him days and it looked absolutely stunning.

He taught himself to be a recording engineer, engineering several of my albums and later releasing his own.

The image above is a mosaic that Del made. He called it Tree of Life.

I’m going to miss him terribly.



Happy New year 2024!


Remembering Del Palmer – Special memorial issue of HomeGround Magazine


  1. Edward

    Rest in peace Del.

    • The passion and love you communicate drown out the confusion and noise of speculation and gossip revealing the naked truth that we are passengers of fate. What makes the difference between non sense and harmony is the devotion and love of the craft, making music that reverberates eternally brings solace and peace. Total respect for our muse for his dexterity and flare may you make music where ever you may be. Loved absolutely Cloudbusting

    • Mats Ahlbäck

      Please, the news is just out!

    • Mandy Brake

      I expect she will publicly when the time is right, as I expect she’s already contacted his family privately.

  2. Linda Harrow

    Omg! What a shock! Rest in heavenly Peace! Del you iconic legend! Heaven has gained one of the best! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Giulio

      Del, you will never be forgotten.
      Thankyou for all you did.

      • David McGinlay

        Rest in peace Del. Condolences to Kate and family. Thank you for an incredible musical gift and life you leave us with…

  3. Darren Connolly

    Oh my god how sad

  4. Gabriella Smith

    oh … i am very saddened to hear that Passing Del,.. ❤ Also sad for Dels family and for Kate ,. ❤ from many people have express that Del talented brilliant artist in his own right ,. love his art work ,. Del making magic with Kate Music too.. Thank you Del for being a fantastic person in so many people lives you will always be missed much love and may you rest in glorys love forever ❤ ❤

  5. Helen

    Very sad news. A loss to music but a bigger lost to his family and friends and those we loved him. Rest well, Del x

  6. co

    Mr. Palmer was pivotal in the career of KB, both personally and professionally. This is a loss for Mrs Bush.

  7. Paul Marsh

    Heartbreaking news and a few days after my big brother died at the same age. Too too young to leave us. But what a legacy.

    • Caio Alexandre Bezarias

      Rest in peace and thank you Very mucho for your work on Kate’s álbuns, master.

  8. Georgina Hawes Hawes

    Such a sad loss RIP

  9. Cameron

    Totally gutted to hear this news.

    My condolences to the family and friends at this time ❤️

  10. Lesley

    I met Del on 8th May 1994 at the Kate Bush convention in London, he was super nice and also down to earth, he was like a big brother to all of us who loved Kate, and was happy to talk to anyone, including myself who was a very shy and nervous girl who has never been to an event related to Kate, later on he was of course in contact with everyone via FB and again he always made the time to reply to any questions, what loss he is, sleep well dear Del

  11. RIP Del. Thank you for everything. x

  12. Samantha Dodds

    OMG.. so so sad.. RIP Del.. condolences to your family..

  13. Del was a customer of my husband luthier Chris Larkin. Del and Chris became close friends. They seemed to speak the same language. I truly miss them both. Del died on Chris’s birthday. I hope they are now celebrating together amidst the cosmic stars and enjoying cake and coffee together. Miss you guys.

    • Ah Syra, Del often spoke to me about Chris and his complete admiration for him. He was devastated when Chris passed away. Del always proudly talked about the instruments Chris worked on and the ones he got to own and cherish. I will always associate Del with your gifted husband. My condolences to you on the loss of your friend, Del. Didn’t you paint a beautiful canvas of Del playing? I seem to remember that clearly. So glad he had such wonderful friends. – Seán Twomey –

      • Sean Thank you for that. Del was an incredibly gifted musician. It may come as a surprise to many that he was also an incredibly private person. I am glad that he had family in the last couple of years to take care of him. He always insisted that if he was sick he didn’t want to see anyone. It was always funny seeing Del and Chris together they used to slag each other off with great glee. It might be hard for someone listening to them to realise they were the best of mates. We had amazing times together here in Ireland and at music shows. I feel as if my world has got that bit smaller with their loss. RIP Del and condolences to his family.

    • yannick vinson

      You are a great person.

  14. Kevin McAlea

    Between the beginning and the end
    We are
    Then we were.
    And you were, Del
    By God you were.
    We who still are
    Between the beginning and the end
    We wait
    Between the earth and the sky
    To join you.
    Slan mo chara

  15. Robert Wright

    Del will be sadly missed by his family. Friends Kate & all the musicians he played with over the years. His contribution to Kate,s music videos etc, cannot be understated.
    Anybody who has seen Del like I have at conventions will know what a nice person he was. Homeground crew will feel like everyone a huge loss. My condolences RIP DEL

    • Peter@HomeGround

      Thanks Robert. All of us are knocked sideways. Such a great guy. Will be very greatly missed.

  16. Lisa Dollery

    Gosh what a shock .Over the years I was a huge fan of his music .Condolences to all

  17. Catherine Hopkins

    I heard Del play at a Cloudbusting gig in The Half Moon in Putney, at Christmas time, a few years ago. It was a seated, intimate gig. I remember it being candlelight but it may have been the magical atmosphere. Del brought along some bespoke bass instruments which he spoke passionately about. Del played from the heart and it was wonderful to hear him play a few tracks from Lionheart, notably Symphony in Blue – where he messed up and started again! He handled this with good humour – it didn’t take anything away from the evening. I was lucky enough to meet him afterwards to thank him for a beautiful evening, which will remain in my heart.

  18. So sorry to hear this news. RIP Del.

  19. Anthony Lewis

    R.I.P to del palmer I am sorry to hear about loss of Del to family and friends he was icon to music
    Industry he was best guitar and engineer in music he work number of music with Kate bush I love Kate and del for the music there made together del will sadly be miss by all we love you del

  20. Dale Stallins

    We never met personally, but I worked with him for a couple of years on his Myspace page when he was working on releasing his first solo album Leap of Faith. He was also a tremendous help and gave me a lot of encouragement on The Kate Bush Tribute Page.

    I know Del touched a lot people’s lives. My heart goes out to his family and friends, especially Kate.

    I’m going to pull out my Leap of Faith CD and listen to the track Of Things Past and think about Del for a little while. Where ever you, Del, I hope you know how much you were respected and loved by so many people. RIP

  21. Donna Rees

    What terribly sad news, Del was always such a gracious and kind man, answering so many questions from us fans online but always respectful of Kate, her music and legacy, which we all know Del was a huge part of. As a Kent lass I will pop into the White Horse in Chilham and have a pint in your honour, Mr Palmer, I know you loved it there. Much love to all his loved ones. Rest easy Del x

  22. Jennie

    ✨And if I only could…. I’d make a deal with god and I’d get him to swap our places….

  23. Dan

    So surreal

  24. Susan Mason

    Such sad news RIP Del and sincere condolences to all of his loved ones xx

  25. Martin

    Thanks so much for all the work you did in music in general and for Kate Bush. You will be missed.

  26. Eugene

    I only learnt yesterday of the sad loss of Del, used to be Del & Kates Chauffeur when required back in the 80’s & 90’s l took them many places, both together or separately they were both a pleasure to drive.
    RIP Del I am still in shock spending many hours thinking of you & the places we went.
    You have passed far too soon great guy.


  27. BUD IZEN

    As a long time bass player myself (now 75), I was first aware of Del Palmer when I listened to the second Kate Bush LP, way back when, which somehow I listened to prior to the first one. He is my first influence for when I started to learn fretless. This is a huge loss for me personally, emotionally, as I am sure it is for countless others. RIP Del.

  28. David Robson

    RIP Del.

  29. Brion

    How sad. Big hugs to Kate and everyone who knew him.

  30. It was great to be in the same room with Del and Kate at what turned out to be the very last fan convention in London in May of 1994. I paid a side visit to East Wickham Farm while I was over there, too. You just never know when your last opportunity will arise, so you’d better grab hold of it. I will treasure that memory for the rest of my life.

    Mixing business with pleasure is fraught with difficulties, but Kate and Del’s creative partnership, which outlasted their personal relationship, is a testament to the character Kate possesses and Del possessed. A shining example for all of us.

    My condolences to Del’s family and friends and of course Kate.

  31. david fullam

    Helped to make musical history that will live forever.

  32. Frank Hanning

    Rest in peace,dear Del.

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