The Dreaming (Escapologist Edition) front cover

Beautiful! As promised, Kate will continue to release this series of illustrated vinyl editions of her albums, following Hounds of Love (Baskerville Edition), with The Dreaming (Escapologist Edition). As before, this features illustrations by Timorous Beasties, this time the front cover depicting the padlock (and a new ladybird friend!) for which escapologist Harry Houdini’s wife secretly passed the key from her mouth – as famously depicted by Kate and Del on the cover of the original album. Spot a KT symbol?

The Dreaming (Escapologist Edition) rear cover

The rear cover emulates the ivy and lyric quote from the original album sleeve, with some elegant dragonflies among the leaves. The inner sleeve depicts Harry’s successful escape. The album is issued on a single black vinyl disc with the 2018 remastered audio. The sleeve is banded by an obi strip with the album title. It is available for pre-order from Kate’s site and is shipped in late January, in time for Valentine’s Day, Feb 14th.

The Dreaming (Escapologist Edition) inner sleeve

On Kate’s updated site page for The Dreaming album she writes:

When we were recording The Dreaming album, I mentioned to my friend, Kevin McAlea, that I’d written a song for the album about Houdini.

Kevin then told me how Houdini’s wife used to pass a key to her husband with a kiss, just before he went on to perform one of his miraculous escapes. It was such a powerful image, I had to write it into the song …

… Then I thought how great it’d be as the front cover of the album, revealing the key in her mouth just before the kiss.

This new Edition tells in its own way, another version of the story –

A story that sets him free …

‘With a kiss, I’d pass the key’


Kate’s online store has four new items of merchandise which incorporate the new Escapologist Edition illustrated designs – a white t-shirt including back print, a bandana, a padlock enamel pin badge and a ceramic tile with wooden stand.