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Kate Record Store Day Ambassador! Eat The Music 10” picture disc!

Eat The Music 10″ picture disc front artwork and sticker

Kate has been announced as the official UK ambassador for this year’s Record Store Day, on 20th April! To mark this she will release a limited 10″ UV-printed picture disc of Eat The Music on the day. The BBC were first to break the news this morning with quotes from Kate’s statement. Since 2009 artists such as Ozzy Osbourne, Iggy Pop, Jack White, Chuck D, Dave Grohl, Metallica, St. Vincent, Pearl Jam, Brandi Carlile and Taylor Swift have worn the annual “ceremonial sash” and used their high profiles to help promote the event online. The band, Paramore, have been named US ambassadors for the 2024 event. Find your local participating record store here.

Following on from her vinyl single releases to support independent stores on Record Store Day in previous years (Hounds of Love, Lake Tahoe and Running Up That Hill 2012 remix) on Saturday April 20th 2024 Kate will release a limited 10″ 3-track picture disc single of her joyous, Madagascan-infused 1993 song, Eat The Music, taken from The Red Shoes album. The 10″ disc features the cover art as a colour UV print on a side without grooves, with all three tracks on the other side, additionally including Lily and Big Stripey Lie, both also taken from The Red Shoes album.

The Eat The Music front disc artwork features the original single cover photo by John Carder Bush of Kate’s hands delving into the luscious fruit…”Split me open, with devotion, you put your hands in, and rip my heart out, eat the music….rip them to pieces, with sticky fingers…” The reverse side is white vinyl pressed with grooves playing the 3 tracks.

Kate’s statement in full:

What a huge honour to have been asked to be Ambassador for this year’s Record Store Day. It really is a great privilege.

Isn’t it great to see how the resurgence in vinyl has taken the Music Industry by complete surprise? It had decided to leave vinyl far behind, but it would seem that not everyone agrees! I love that!

I know there are many, many artists who are just as excited to see the audience turning the tide.

In the same way that some people like to read a book on Kindle but also want to have a book as a physical object, a lot of people like vinyl and streaming. Both have different appeals.

The added bonus of vinyl is that it encourages people to listen to albums. An art form that I’ve always thought can be treasured in a unique way.

An album on vinyl is a beautiful thing, given a strong identity by its large-scale artwork. There’s a much more personal connection with the artist and their work.

It’s been fun putting designs together for some of the previous RSDs. This year’s design echoes the cancelled release of ‘Eat the Music’ as the first single from the album, ‘The Red Shoes’.
The image was intended to be on the cover of the single bag and is now on the disc as a UV print.
The title, ‘Eat the Music’, is meant to be a playful nod to ‘If music be the food of love, play on,’ from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

Each year Record Store Day gathers more attention, more momentum, and attracts more people who cram into indie record stores all over the world to see what’s up. What’s new?
This year, I hope you have a fantastic time at this very important event, and that you get to celebrate music that’s been specially released for you.

       Very best wises,

Eat The Music 10″ picture disc rear disc artwork with grooves and label

Kate has posted a clip of the disc being manufactured:

Columbia Records released Eat The Music as the lead single from The Red Shoes in the US, while EMI chose Rubberband Girl everywhere else in the world. Eat The Music was also released in The Netherlands and Australia, along with a handful of other countries. The single reached #10 on the US Modern Rock Tracks chart.


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  1. David England

    With all the publicity, I do hope Fish People have pressed plenty of copies for the day. I’ve been in touch with a store that’s within reasonable distance to get to but it’s still an hour drive away. They told me they open their doors at 7:00. Crikey!

  2. Keith

    I’m starving.

  3. Kai

    As good as it looks I´d rather wished for something more exclusive. The 10″ looks nice but this is more of a “nice-to-have” record. Nevertheless this will sell out quickly. Or maybe not.

  4. Debs

    How do I get a copy please

    • You will need to go to your local independent record store on April 20th or, if there are copies available after that day, purchase them online at one of the record stores listed at the link in our article. Record Store Day usually sees queues forming outside record stores from early morning!

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