The June 2024 edition of Mojo Magazine (out in shops in the UK/Ireland next week or order the magazine online here) features Kate on the cover plus an 11-page article by writer Tom Doyle on Kate’s early years. “A deep dive into her early creative evolution. The demos, the pub gigs, the life-changing hit, the fight for control in the studio, on stage and in the camera’s eye. Plus: the tour that changed everything.” The cover shot, taken at Old Street Studios in London in 1979 by photographer Brian Aris, looks especially great on the black & white subscriber edition cover.

Tom is no stranger to writing about Kate, having recently published the very well-received ‘Running Up That Hill – 50 Visions of Kate Bush‘ book, and I’m told the piece even features a rare reminiscence about attending a KT Bush Band gig in Lewisham – always fascinating.

Mojo June 2024 issue
Alternate subscriber edition cover

This issue is available for purchase online here. Read more about the issue contents at the Mojo site here.