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Thank You For Sending Your Photos! Eat The Music vinyl fan collage is here!

Kate Bush fans with their Eat The Music RSD 2024 vinyl discs!

CLICK HERE FOR THE LARGE HI-RES VERSION! (15mb) Many thanks for sending in all the great photos of your Eat The Music 10″ vinyl picture discs from Record Store Day 2024 – you got Kate’s single into the UK charts! We will find a way to get this to Kate, I’m sure she’ll be tickled by it!

Note: Our friend Monty Moncrieff MBE(!) has been keeping an eye on the Ebay side of things, and, contrary to a lot of fan concerns, found that there were only 155 sales in a week (about 1.5% of the total 10,000 of these discs available). He says “With ones I’ve missed, those still listed for sale and sales elsewhere that’s perhaps generously around 5% of the 10,000 being sold on so far. Hopefully the vast majority ended up with genuine fans. There are a lot on eBay but it IS still well in the minority.” Great news, thanks Monty!


Eat The Music hits UK #2 position in singles sales charts!


‘Under The Ivy’ biography reissued next month

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  1. Sky

    Monty’s number crunching suggests that it was mostly fans who grabbed the RSD Kate discs, which is very heartening! I’ve kept an eye on eBay and Vinted, and while there are quite a few for sale the prices are generally nowhere near as high as I expected. Hopefully, this bodes well for future RSD Kate releases.

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